• Chapter 4 - Alyss
    Let the party start!

    I walked happily home, looking forward to my 'party' with Sara. Just then, Tetsuya came up to me! My heart began to beat very quickly and I felt warm in the face. "Alyss!" he panted. "What are you doing?" My heart skipped a beat. Could he be asking for...?!!? No...! I shook my trivial thoughts out of my head. "I'm going home to get ready for my party with Sara."Tetsuya tilted his head to one side. " Uh.. Can I come?" WHAT?!?!!? "Er.. Of course Tetsuya. Just for one night though. Sara won't forgive you if you don't bring snacks!" I smiled warmly at him and he smiled back. "Luckily we live near each other. I'll meet you at...?" Feeling out of breath, I managed to say " 5 o'clock on the dot." "Alright. See you later." I smiled happily with my face super warm. Tetsuya was staying at my house tonight! "Uh.. Shall we walk together?" Tetsuya's face was red just asking. Does he?!?! No way! He can't... But..! "Sure! We are friends after all." CRAP! Why did I say that?! We walked together talking with our faces red. I eventually made it to my house and he only said 'bye' and ran off. What's his deal?
    After a wonderful long shower I changed into my favorite pair of pajamas. It had a plaid pattern and was very soft. The doorbell rang. I checked my watch. 4:59. He's here.. He's here!! (Forgetting someone Alyss?) She stuck a bag of popcorn in the microwave for 2 minutes and 20 seconds and ran to the door. There stood Tetsuya and Sara in their pajamas. I smiled my best smile at Tetsuya and a regular one to Sara. She would understand of all people. I let them both in and they both immediately found my room. Before I went up with them, I took the bag of popcorn and three bowls. I ran upstairs to join the crowd. They were talking casually as I walked in their eyes averted towards me. "Alyss we were just talking about some games we could play!" Sara exclaimed. "Calm down Sara. You haven't had any candy yet and your already like this." Tetsuya smiled and told me the events of the night. "First we will play truth or dare." Of course, no one liked dare but I decided to risk it once. "Alyss, truth or dare?" Sara asked. "Dare!" They both faked a gasp and laughed. "Okay Alyss. You gutsy enough?!" At this I wondered if I chose the right one. "Right. Don't answer. I dare you to kiss Tetsuya. Lose your first kiss before you die~!" She said it very merrily as though drunk. Tetsuya and I exchanged glances. "And whats the punishment?" I asked. If it's nothing serious I'll take the punishment I thought frantically. "Go outside and strip!" My face became red. "Sara!" "Just do it!" We looked at each other red in the face and leaned in for the kiss.

    Chapter 5 - Tetsuya
    Confessions of Emotion

    I ran as fast as I could to get to Alyss. Alyss was walking merrily on her way. I called to her. She obviously didn't hear since she kept going. I ran faster, until I eventually made it to her side. I was breathing hard after all the running. After catching enough breath, I finally spoke. "Alyss. What are you doing?" Her face suddenly got red which made me turn red. She informed me of a party and let me come along. She started to walk again until I stopped her. "Uh ... Shall we walk together, Alyss?" My face became hot. I began to panic. What if she says no? What if she finds out? She smiled and agreed. I reviewed what she told me in my head. 5 o'clock on the dot. Bring snacks because of someone. Who else was there again? As we made it to her house I mustered a weak goodbye and ran. What the hell is wrong with me?! But I had later to look forward to. I took a shower and actually used cologne, just for Alyss. I couldn't wait until 5 o'clock.
    I waited outside of Alyss' house, hearing her bustle around the house. I looked at my watch. 4:59. I took a deep breath and rang the doorbell. At that moment, Sara came up the steps too. "We're gonna have a great time Tetsuya!" She smiled happily. We must look ridiculous ... midday in our pajamas She answered the door in her pajamas too. "I just couldn't wait!" I hear Sara say under her breath. We ran up the stairs to look for her room. We found it and sat on the bed. Sara asked what kind of games we should play. We decided on a few and Alyss came upstairs with a bag of popcorn and bowls. She handed them out and asked what we were doing. I ran her through the schedule. "But first, we play Truth or Dare." I smiled wickedly. After a few rounds Sara asked Alyss, "Truth or Dare" She replied, "Dare me!" "Do you have the guts to do this Alyss?!" She looked a bit uncomfortable but nodded a bit. The punishment would be to strip outside or kiss. Me.. When Sara said it my face grew hot as I looked over at Alyss. She was red too. She exclaimed Sara's name while she wittily replied, "Just do it!" We leaned in closer, heading towards the kiss...

    Chapter 6 - Sara

    I love Alyss alot. Shes my first and closest friend I have. But when it comes to Tetsuya she isn't daring enough! It bugs me alot. Especially the fact that I love Tetsuya too, but Alyss and Tetsuya love each other. I think I can get them together if I get the chance. But I should concentrate on the fact that I'm having a party with Alyss! We could talk all night long about everything and everyone. If she wants. I sprinted home, the same way as Alyss' house. And Tetsuya's. I waited past the corner so Alyss wouldn't see me. But I saw the most heartbreaking scene ever. Alyss and Tetsuya were talking with red faces. I couldn't overhear them which frustrated me. The ended up hand-in-hand walking together towards Alyss' house even though it was a few feet away, it took them very long. Tetsuya ran away from Alyss' house once she got there. Tetsuya sighed a sigh of relief beside me without noticing me. "So Tetsuya.. Hitting it off with Alyss?" Apparently I startled him and he told me he didn't know but would find out tonight. "Why?" I was very curious now. Me and Alyss had plans. He explained that he too, was going to the party. Ignoring my presence after that, he left running. I smiled. I could work my magic.
    I changed into my favorite pair of pajamas. they were pink with a teddy bear picture at the front. It was adorable. I wore my penguin slippers and took my pillow off the bed and searched for Berries, my purple teddy bear. I slipped him into my pillowcase once I found him. I walked out into the sunight, in my pajamas. Midday. I sighed acknowledging that I looked ridiculous and was constantly reminded by passing cars. Some people even took photographs. I found a beat up Nerf gun in one of the house's yards. I picked it up and shot it at the car. I dropped it and ran all the way to Alyss' house. There stood Tetsuya, supposedly ease dropping. He looked at his watch, breathed deeply and rang the doorbell. I ran up to him and smiled warmly. "This is going to be fun fun fun!" Alyss answered and I think I heard a microwave beeper because she said find my room and do something. We did easily and discussed games. I thought Truth or Dare. That way if Alyss takes a dare, I can dare her to kiss Tetsuya! I smiled with no hint of wickedness. Alyss came in with popcorn and some bowls. Tetsuya explained and Truth or Dare started. Alyss, who seemed abit off said dare. I was to give her a dare. Making it seem like I didn't know one I blurted out my dare for her. "Kiss Tetsuya!" They exchanged a glance and Alyss asked what the punishment was.I thought of something MUCH worse. She ended up taking the dare. I watched them closely. They were both super red. They leaned in close, to complete the dare.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~PREVIEW OF CHAPTER 7~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Chapter 7 - Alyss
    Passion with..

    We were so close I could feel his breath on my neck. Our lips eventually touched and turned passionate. It wasn't BIG but it felt like it. Sara counted how long we managed. 4 seconds.. Hes perfect at kissing! 10 seconds.. Wonderful feeling! Electricity is running through my body! 17 seconds and we break apart. We were very red but smiling. It felt wonderful.