• “Mr. Wolfe...MR. WOLFE….MR.WOLFE!!!!!” ms. La’morte was screaming herself horse trying to wake up Owen Wolfe from his coma during math this was a daily ritual and ms. La’morte (a mousy women with a pinched face and a tight bun) was tired of it. “Owen Wolfe you are to report to the principles office NOW!!!” This startled the sleeping Owen and he started awake “four!!” he half shouted “office ….. NOW!!” ms. La’morte was barley controlling her anger “why?” Owen asked groggily still not grasping what she was saying “NOW” was all she had the control to say without hitting the 15 year old boy. Owen got up out of his seat still confused but just conscious enough to get that she was angry and that the best course of action was to leave …NOW. He grabbed his stuff and ran out the door now completely awake “damn it” he whispered to himself as he walked toward the principles office a little slower than normal pace this would be the third time this month that he was sent to the principles office for sleeping in math he had been up late last night playing halo . When he reached the principles office he stopped for just a moment the principle Mr. Perry Norton was a mean man he had a permanent fake smile that looked a little like a sneer in the right light . his hair was always slicked back with waaaayyyyyy to much gel his office always smelled like feet and worse he had a habit of eating gorgonzola cheese before talking to students .Owen was one of his least favorite and he always seemed to receive a punishment completely un-proportional to the crime . Owen sighed and turned the knob. The room was bleached white and vaguely ominous. At the center of the room sat principle Norton behind a gigantic desk decorated with scenes of death and destruction……. Fine his cats but it was still pretty scary what kind of man has pictures of his cats? An evil man that’s who. Anyway Owen sat down in the chair while the principle put away his cheese “hello Mr. wolf what have you done this time” the evil man grinned cheese stuck in his teeth “I was uh.. Sleeping in math…”
    “again” Mr. rat Norton finished his sentence for him in Owens opinion a nasty and vulgar habit which indicated that the person who exhibited the habit thought themselves better than the people the exhibited it to which was obviously the case with Mr. Norton “master Wolfe I dread to partake in this but you realize the severity of this infraction” the overuse of big words another nasty and vulgar habit “you shall be suspended post haste master Owen” Owen was stunned all he could do was blink at his principal “whaaaa” was the only thing he could say or think he stood up and froze. Mr. Norton handed him a slip with his name and the length of suspension on it, 2 days. He walked out of the office still numb he left via the front door and walked half a mile toward home when he realized no one would be there his mother was out of town “frick!!” She would be back tomorrow during the school day and if he was home when she got back she would find out “double frick” he walked another half mile before he heard it a soft crying sound coming from the heavily wooded area to the right of the road .Owen thought for a moment and finally decided he had to look for the thing that was crying. He steeped of the path and came to a clearing in the center laid a girl his age or younger in a shirt and jeans he ankle twisted at an odd angle he was shocked for a moment she was covered in a dark red liquid he was sure was blood she had cuts and bruises on her face and arms and she cried softly he ran over to help “are you okay “he asked the trembling girl he bent over to help her up when she shuffled slightly. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his neck when he looked over there was a large needle sticking out of his neck “oh “ was all he had time to say when he hit the floor the girl hovered over him now completely fine “night night “she whispered then the dark came
    Alice almost lost the act when he asked if she was okay she thought “yeah I’m fine just bloody and bruised no big deal” nic had spent the day using stage blood and black paint for bruises they were cut short when they heard him yell “double frick” really loud she shuffled into position and lured him in when he bent over to check on her like the gentleman he was she stabbed him in the neck with a syringe filled with gorilla tranquilizer when he feel she bent over him “night night” then his eyes closed and she called Nic on her cell phone he came walking in the clearing with a sack in which they stuffed the unconscious new kid they walked toward a larger clearing where the helicopter was waiting “up up and away” Alice muttered