• Har Mageddo
    Azazel: Well, well, well. What have we here? The Mystic Seven, oh I'm really scared. You have to be joking, you seven are so tiny!
    Kvalie: Don't underestimate us.
    Azazel releases some of his energy and the pressure brings them to their knees
    Kvalie: Everyone release your energy!
    They let out some of their power enabling them to stand
    Azazel: Very impressive...But you idiots are nothing!
    Nelmc: I'll give you nothing!!
    Nelmc charges Azazel but he jams his hand into Nelmc and throws him to the side
    Kvalie: Higumdo! Heal him!
    Higumdo: Hagun taiyoz velgona!
    His wound heals
    Kvalie: We fight as one! Let's go!!
    Azazel: Tch...
    Azazel holds out his arm as a massive blade covered in eyes appears
    Azazel: You'll meet your end at Death's will.
    Kvalie: Death?
    Azazel: My blade's name...
    Kvalie: Formation B!
    Legon and Nelmc charge Azazel as he flies up, Azmul follows and locks blades but Azazel easily smashes him into the ground making a mile deep crater, Multa, Toga and Higumdo rush him clashing miltiple times
    Azazel: Begone!!
    Azazel's blade glows absorbing energy and bursts out in a huge energy slash sending them flying, Kvalie summons Ryuujin and soars at Azazel locking blades
    Azazel: You're a lot stronger than the others...
    Kvalie: So are you...
    Azazel: too bad for you I'm only playing!!
    Azazel punches him in the gut making him cough up blood, Azazel bashes him over the head into the ground
    Azazel: Is this the extent of your powers?
    Kvalie: Dragon Formation!!
    Nelmc, Azmul and Legon burst at Azazel from below, Toga, Multa and Higumdo fly at him from above and Kvalie charges him from the front, Azazel spins around at rapid speed making a twister slashing them all and blowing them away
    Azazel: Angel of Death!!
    Death glows and lets out aura that forms a scythe as he rips into Nelmc
    Kvalie: NELMC!!!
    Nelmc gushes blood as he falls to the ground
    Kvalie: Under the moon, the blood drenched cape flows. Let the legend rise! Ryuujin!!!
    Kvalie enters battle form
    Azazel: One down, six to go...
    Azazel grins
    Toga: Prey!!
    Toga grows six arms
    Azazel: You'll be next to go!
    Azazel bursts at Toga and bashes him around, Multa bursts at him
    Multa: Rock Barrage!!
    Rocks burst at him but he cuts through them
    Azazel: Gigas Flare!!
    Energy bursts from his mouth at Multa
    Multa: Luna Counter!!
    Multa absorbs the attack and sends it back at Azazel
    Azazel: It's useless!!
    Azazel catches it in his hand and bursts at Toga bashing the attack into his face blowing off his head,
    Azmul: Three Hundred One Slashes!!
    Azazel grabs his spear as he begins and snaps it in half then opens his hand in his face
    Azazel: Devastation Blast!!
    Azazel blasts a massive hole through Azmul killing him, Kvalie bursts at him and clashes but Azazel parries him, Multa bursts at Azazel but he slices him in two
    Azazel: Only four remain... What happened to your power?
    Legon: We can't go on like this!
    Kvalie: Focus your powers!!
    Higumdo: Judgement Ray!
    Nelmc: Judgement Slash!
    Legon: Getsuga Shinzou!!
    Kvalie: Dragon Rampage!!
    Their attacks converge on Azazel making a direct hit
    Kvalie: Got him!!
    The smoke bursts away as he stands there unharmed
    Legon: What?!
    Kvalie: Impossible!!
    Azazel: I'll finish you with one attack... Apocalypse Blaster!!
    Beams blast into them killing Higumdo, Nelmc and Legon leaving Kvalie severly wounded
    Kvalie: Damn...it...ngh...
    Azazel: You're finished!!
    Kvalie bursts with power as the Dragon Rage takes over
    Azazel: What is this...?
    Kvalie: GYAAAAAAA!!!
    Kvalie bursts at Azazel and bashes him in the gut, Azazel grabs his arm and throws him down then bursts at him bashing on his head
    Kvalie: GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The Dragon Aura completely takes over Kvalie as he slashes Azazel across the chest, blood flying out
    Azazel: What?!
    Kvalie warps behind him and flipkicks him up then blasts a Dragon Flare at him, Azazel dodges but Kvalie appears infront of him and bashes him into the ground then rips into his chest throwing him over his head into the ground, Nelmc starts to open his eyes as he sees Kvalie
    Nelmc: K...val...ie....
    Kvalie: GHIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kvalie rushes at Azazel but Nelmc jumps in the way throwing the Hell Krest into Kvalie as Jingoku shatters Kvalie begins to take control of Dragon Rage though his hand pierced through Nelmc
    Kvalie: Nelmc?
    Nelmc: Don't let him...beat you...
    Nelmc collapses dead
    Kvalie: That's the second time you saved my life...
    Azazel: What was that power just then?
    Kvalie: It was nothing...Let's continue.
    Azazel: Fine, once you're dead I'll have my revenge on the Demon Lords!
    Kvalie: You won't win!!
    Kvalie bursts at Azazel clashing four hundred times in less than a second, Azazel rushes Kvalie and locks blades
    Kvalie: Dragon Emporer's Sphere!!
    Dragon essence bursts into Azazel blowing him away, Azazel flips and bursts at Kvalie and punches him but Kvalie kicks his hand away then slashes off one of his wings, from the ground Demons begin to emerge as only Kvalie and his seals remain
    Azazel: You've failed...
    Kvalie: They emerge too slow, the people and the Hajileis can take care of them for now!
    Azazel: But once you die there'll be no hope...
    Kvalie bursts at Azazel locking blades then parries him, Azazel pounds on him with his blade but Kvalie grabs it with his hand and pushes him back
    Kvalie: Dragon Rampage!!
    A massive golden Dragon bursts into Azazel but he remains merely scratched
    Azazel: Heh...Not good enough. You wasted your ultimate attack.
    Kvalie: Not really.
    Azazel: You're pathetic. You actually beat Lilith? She's weaker than before. This is so sad to think that you are the leader of the Mystic Seven. You disgust me! Just die!!!
    Azazel bursts at Kvalie jamming his blade into his chest shattering the Hell Krest
    Kvalie: Empower...
    Azazel: Huh?
    Kvalie: RYUUJIN!!!!
    Kvalie mutates into the Immaculate Dragon
    Azazel: What is this?!
    Kvalie: You won't survive!! I will do what the Demon Lords failed to do a long time ago!!
    Azazel: Hehehehehehehehe....ahahahahahahaha...AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You idiot! You truly think this is the extent of my power?! Death! Show him your true power!!
    Azazel transforms into a Demon Dragon
    Azazel: You're not the only shapeshifter...
    Kvalie: Then let's see what you can do!!
    Azazel bursts at Kvalie and smashes him down to the ground with his tail, Kvalie flies up and bites into Azazel's throat, Azazel grabs his arms and plunges him into the ground and blasts fire in his face, Kvalie wraps his tail around Azazel and throws him off then bursts at him slashing his face with his claws then blasts fire balls at him, Azazel flies up and launches his scales at him but Kvalie shields himself with his wings then begins to glow
    Kvalie: Dragon Blade Aura!
    Aura forms on Kvalie's wings and claws making blades
    Azazel: Demon Lord's Aura!
    Aura forms around Azazel making scythes
    Kvalie: Come on!!
    They both fly at each other and slash one another over and over, Azazel locks aura with Kvalie but Kvalie whips his tail around throwing Azazel then flies at him and cuts off his limbs
    Azazel: Absorbtion!!
    The Demons below get absorbed into Azazel healing his limbs, Kvalie flies at him biting into his throat and tosses him up
    Kvalie: Dragon Flare!!
    Kvalie consumes him in fire then bursts at him and cuts him in half then lands by the other six
    Kvalie: You have been avenged my friends...
    Kvalie builds a pier and places them on it and lights it, Azazel begins to regenerate
    Kvalie: What?
    Kvalie turns around as Azazel stands starring at him
    Kvalie: Az...a...zel...?
    Azazel: You seem surprised...
    Kvalie: But...how?
    Azazel: My blade's special ability. Segunda Vida. As long as my body isn't destroyed I can revive myself.
    Kvalie grins
    Azazel: Huh?
    Kvalie: Second Life huh? Well I guess I'll just have to kill you again!
    Kvalie enters Dragon Rage
    Azazel: You think you can? Even with your Dragon Rage, you can't hide the fact that you're exhausted. It'll be a miracle if you can even keep up.
    Kvalie: I'm controlling it without the Krest, it's more powerful then ever. And what about you? Your Second Life has it's own flaws. You still have cut wounds and your breathing is heavier.
    Azazel: I'm still stronger.
    Kvalie: You think so?
    Azazel: Now you will meet your end!
    Azazel runs at Kvalie and they clash, Kvalie jumps over him and slashes him from behind, Azazel sweep kicks him and lunges his blade at him but Kvalie catches it in his hands and kicks him over into the ground, Kvalie jumps up and runs at him but Azazel flies up and soars at Kvalie locking blades, Kvalie parries him and slashes deep into his chest as Azazel does the same slashing into his face, they stand back to back
    Kvalie: This will be your final resting place...
    Azazel: I think you're a little confused!
    Azazel spins around slashing at him but Kvalie flies up
    Kvalie: Dragon Rampage!!
    A massive Golden Dragon bursts at Azazel but he holds it back with both hands
    Azazel: NO! I WON'T BE BEATEN!!
    Kvalie: HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kvalie blasts full force as the attack over powers Azazel completely vaporizing him leaving nothing but a scar on the land
    Kvalie: It's over...ngh...
    Kvalie falls to his knees panting
    Three weeks later
    Varokal Ruins
    Kvalie: Make sure Vellam doesn't document anything of Azazel. It would be better if the world didn't know of such a horror.
    Gabriel: You're not coming?
    Kvalie: No, I'll be returning to the Monestary until I'm needed.
    Gabriel: Well, we'll be there every now and then to keep you company.
    Kvalie: Right.
    Kvalie gets up
    Kvalie: Oh, and thanks....Zexuz.
    Kvalie flies away