• “Sirius! Sirius! Guess what!”

    “You've decided to take me up on my offer to enslave the human race and have them destroy the world in order to recreate it in my sexy image, then take over ruling the slaves so I can be your meek, gorgeous queen?
    Remus stood there, mouthing the words 'meek gorgeous queen'.

    “Moony! I thought that was our plan!” James said, staring at Remus.


    "Neither are you!"

    "Sure I am! I'm meek, and humble, and pretty, and--WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING?"




    "My boyfriend is pretty!" Remus glared at Wormtail.

    "Aw, Loopy," Sirius said, scooching over to him, and nearly sitting on his lap. "Do you really think I'm pretty?"

    "Well, he's definately not dating you for your brains." James had to duck as Sirius dived at him.

    As they wrestled on the ground, Moony turned, almost pleadingly, to Wormtail, and said despritely, "Guess what..."

    "You've decided to let me into the prefects bathroom to catch Lily in the nude?" James and Sirius had stopped mid-fight, to look at Remus.

    "You want to help me complete my list of the the places I haven't had sex?"

    "You poisoned Snivellus?"

    "It's your birthday and you want me to give you your present early? 'Cause if that's the case, you'll have to change into your birthday suit..."

    "Did I come in at the wrong time?" Samantha watched them from the doorway, smirking. "Peter, you left your robes at home over the holidays again. Mum sent them with me to give to you." She handed the robes to him, while Sirius and James stared at her, practically drooling.

    "Your sister is hot." James whispered to Wormtail.

    "Yeah..." Sam laughed, as Remus smacked Sirius. "Remy! What was that for?"

    "Will you honor me with a game of chess...er...Remy?" She asked.

    He got up, and Sirius dived at him, "Noooo! I'll be good, I promise!"

    "Geroff--No, Sirius, I'm seri--Ow! Don't...Geroff! Stop biting me!"