• Me:Hi Renji!Nice Muscles.
    Renji:Thanx.Nice Body.
    Renji:*Goes into soul reaper form*
    Me:Where r u going?
    Renji:U can see me?!
    Me:I always coluld.
    Renji:But ur not a....WAIT SO UR THE NEW PERSON!!
    Renji:But most r born into the soul Soiciate?
    Me:That doesn't apply to my family.I was born in the human world like Ichigo.
    Me sad U really r that stupid)My parents aren’t soul reapers.
    Me: evil
    Me:*Goes in soul reaper form*
    Renji: question Ur outfit is different then mine?
    Me:lets just say I’m a special type of soul reaper.
    Toshiro:She’s an aristocrat.
    Renji:A what?
    Me:I’m an aristocrat.U may be hot but ur as dumb as ur sword!
    Toshiro:She’s the highest ranking person in the whole soul Soiciate.Her lutinits r all the captains in the soul Soiciate including me.Even tho she is new her parents were also aristocrats so she is also 1.Do u understand now?!
    Renji:yeah.She’s in command of every 1 under her rank.
    Toshiro:Actully ur lucky she’s ur girlfriend.
    Renji:Not my Girlfriend but still y?
    Me:most aristocrats can’t date under their rank.
    Renji:Then how Could u if u were dating me.
    Toshiro:She couldn‘t.
    Me:Well………as far as my mom and dad would know u would b an aristocrat not a lutinit.
    Me:Because I could.It’s no fun being an aristocrats.Ur lucky 2 be a lutinit.
    Renji:Can’t u switch ranks.?
    Toshiro:Only if…
    Toshiro:What all I was going 2 say was(Gets hand slap over mouth by Me)
    Renji:If what? confused
    Toshiro:If mmmmmmmm…
    Me:Stop talking!
    Toshiro:Mmmm marry mmmm!
    Me:Toshiro! scream
    Toshiro:What u were going to have to tell him some time.
    Renji:This is confusing!
    Me:O MY GOSH U R SO STUPIED!I’m high in rank if I marry someone lower in rank I become that rank.
    Renji:O.So Toshiro is saying that if u marry me u can become a lutinit.
    Toshiro:*Mumbles*Y marry a low rank lutinit when she could marry a captain instead.
    Me biggrin on’t be jealous Toshiro.Just because Renji has as a pretty girl as his bff and u don’t.*innocent smile*
    Renji:He’s jealous of me?Haha blaugh
    Toshiro:I AM NOT! evil
    Renij:He could always have a certain Red head with the last name motsomoto as a bff.
    Toshiro:I am a captain respect me!
    Renji:Is there any other ways for her to become a lutinit.
    Me:there is 1 way.
    Toshiro:No!I will not allow u 2 do that I was sent to keep an eye on u 4 ur parents.
    Renji:What is it?
    Me:Risky that’s what it is.
    Renji:What is it!
    Toshiro:Well she has to fight her mother and father.If her mother loses that’s captain.If her father loses that’s lutinit.If both lose she gets to choose what she wants 2 be.
    Renji:how is that risky.
    Me:U don’t under stand if I lose both……
    Toshiro:She’s banished from the soul Soiciate.
    Me:And my parents r the best fighters in the whole history of the soul Soiciate.
    Renji:There has 2 be a easyer way then that.
    Me biggrin idn’t we already go through that?
    Renji:……Isn’t there a 3rd way is what I meant!
    Me:yeah but I would perefer not 2 do it.
    Toshiro:Y not.
    Me:I would be lost with out it.
    Renji:Lost with out what?
    Toshiro:She would have to give up 1 of her Banki.
    Renji:She has 2 Banki!
    Me:1st is white wolf call 2nd is dark wolf fang and the 3rd is Love eye.
    Toshiro:In my opinion I would give up love eye.
    Me:In ur dreams.U only want me to give it up because I always beat u when I use it.
    Renji:What is white wolf call?
    Me:Follow me outside and I’ll show u.
    ~All 3 of them walk outside~
    Me:*Takes deep breath then howls.A huge white wolf appears*That’s white wolf call.Who’s a good wolf. heart
    Me:U can leave now star.
    Renji:Whats Dark wolf fang?
    Me:*Taps black sword to tooth.Huge black wof appears*This is fang.Show us Dark wolf fang plz.*Fang opens mouth Katana taps the same tooth she had tap in her own mouth in fang’s mouth with the same sword.Katana now has black clothes,2 black sowrds,super long black hair,and gray eyes*
    Renji:WOW!U even have fangs. surprised
    Toshiro:That’s what she looked like before she was give a special necklace.
    Me:*goes back to normal soul reaper form.*
    Renji:Whats love eye?
    Me:I’ll show u.look into my eyes what color r they.
    Me:now what.
    Me:look deep into my eyes don’t think about any this else.
    Me:Now say that u hate me.
    Renji:I can’t.
    Me:Say u love me
    Renji:I love u.
    Me:*looks away.And fall backwards out of shock*
    Renji:Whats wrong?
    Toshiro:She must have found something.
    Renji: confused
    Toshiro:When u tell her something she can tell if ur lying or not.
    Renji:O.soo that’s love eyes.?
    Renji:R u ok?ur eyes r still violet.
    Me:Give them a sec.
    Renji:What did u see?
    Toshiro:he wasn’t lying was he.
    Me:it wasn’t that that shocked me when I did that I saw something.
    Me:I don’t know.It wasn’t bad.It was me.In ur past.
    Renji:In my past?
    Me:Yeah,Ur past.
    Renji:So I’ve meet u before?
    Me:I was little.How old r u?
    Me:same here.
    Renji:I remember I meet a girl that looked exactly like u.She was with a guy.
    Me biggrin id he have a huge sword or wear fur or have dog ears or have a huge fluffy thing on his shoulder or did he have green lines on his face or did he have on a bandanna and have dark purple marks on he’s face or did he have on a pink/yellow kimono and light purple marks under his eyes?
    Renji:Um…A huge sword.
    Me:That was Bankotsu.Where did see us?
    Renji:In a skool.
    Me:hmmm I must have been 12.
    Renji:U were annoying the class.and u were also with 4 girls and 7 other guys.
    Me:O.That was Kagome,Ki,Moon,Sango,Miroku,Sesshomaru,Kouga,Inuyasha,Suikotsu,Jakotsu,and Renkotsu.And that was middle skool.
    Renji surprised yeah.U don’t remember me do u.
    Renji:I was the dude that tried to ask u out but The furry dude and Bankotsu Blocked my path and said that u don’t like people that aren’t in ur group and the dude with the green on his face dragged me away and said that u were his and never think of asking u out again.And then when they came back u chewed them out for being rude to the small nongroup kid and u came and apologized and made them apologize too.
    Me:O yeah I remember u Sui got a little jealous and Bonbon and Kogo r very Protective.
    Toshiro:R u 2 done?!
    Me:Grrrr!What do u want Toshiro I have to leave her in a little bit to go and me the group.
    Me:I’ll do it later.Go train Renji.
    Renji:How long have u known them?
    Me:Ever since we were 5.My sis Ki is dating to Bankotsu and my other sis Moon is dating to Sesshomaru and I’m dating Kouga I was dating Suikotsu but he kept ticking me of!So I dumped him.
    Renji:Sounds like a bad relationship.
    Me:It was.

    heart Thanx for reading!hope u enjoed it heart