• “Where are we going Kagura?” Haru finally asked after an hour of running.

    “The forest, that’s where Dad trained me. We’ll travel from town to town asking about Akito.

    “Are we almost there?” Haru asked a childish question.

    “Yes, in fact we’re here.” I answered.

    “Oh, heh heh right trees,” I laughed with Haru for the first time in awhile.

    “Hey kid what do you think, I’ll start dinner and we’ll camp out here,” I was really starting to cheer up.

    “Here,” I said while throwing my backpack at Haru. “Get the sleeping bags out of there, and hand me your backpack it has the food in it.”

    I cooked dinner and we ate around the fire sharing different stories about Dad without shedding a single tear.


    “What was that?”Haru exclaimed while looking to the sky.

    “What the hell?”

    The next thing I knew I was slammed into the ground and an idiot dog demon was sitting on my back.

    “Oh man that was a crazy fight!”

    “Who are you?”Haru asked the mysterious demon.

    “My name is Ichigo, Ichigo Kurosaki and who are you?” Ichigo asked.

    “Umm…… Haru Uzumaki.”

    “Hmm… Uzumaki sounds familiar. Hey wasn’t there someone else here.”

    “Yeah get the HELL offa me!” I yelled.

    “Oh sorry I didn’t see ya there.” Ichigo apologized, “Can I ask you what your name is?”

    “No,” I said with distrust.
    You could say I have some trust issues.

    “Her name is Kagura, she’s my older sister,” Haru answered for me.

    “Hmmm… fits you,” Ichigo said.

    “What?” Ichigo was hitting on me and I didn’t like it.

    “Well I was just saying your name fits you its pretty and so are you,” Ichigo continued to hit on me.

    “Stop hitting on me,” I warned.

    “What? Do you already have a boyfriend?” Ichigo asked.

    “No but I swear if you hit on me again you’ll get what’s coming to you,” I warned again.

    “I’m not scared,” Ichigo tried to be fearless.

    In a split second I had Ichigo pinned to the ground and a sword against his neck.

    “You shouldn’t have messed with her,” Haru laughed.

    “Okay I’m done Just get that thing away from my neck,” Ichigo cried.
    I pulled the sword away and got up.

    “What are you doing here?” I asked.

    “Well I got no where else to go. My family and friends are all gone,” Ichigo explained.

    “What happened to them?” Haru asked.

    I shifted toward Ichigo a little bit, I was actually a little curious as to where the story was going.

    “Well it happened about a week ago,” Ichigo continued his story. “Every house, school, and market was burnt to the ground. I was the only one left, well that I know of. I-I watched my mom and dad die, and while I was running out of the house I tripped over my best friends carcass. It was pretty gruesome.”

    “Oh my god!” Haru exclaimed.

    I grabbed Ichigo by his shirt.

    “Who did that to your village?!” I practically yelled.

    “Umm…I think his name was Akito,” Ichigo answered.

    “Dammit! I knew he was up to no good again,” I yelled.

    “How do you know who Akito is?” Ichigo asked.

    “He killed our father we’re not sure why, but it’s hard for Kagura to talk about.” Haru answered.

    “Oh I’m sorry,” Ichigo said with sympathy.

    “Hey dog you wanna join up with us?”

    “Kagura you’re seriously asking me this!?” Ichigo sounded surprised.

    “Yes, now do you want to or not before I change my mind.”

    “Yes of course I’ll join you guys!” Ichigo exclaimed

    “Well I hope you had something to eat already we’re going to bed,” I wasn’t going to give up being a jerk to the dog so easily.

    “Yup, night you two,” Ichigo said.

    “Night Ichigo,” Haru said back.

    I crawled into my dad’s sleeping bag and fell right to sleep. When I awoke the next morning my mouth was watering, something smelled really good. I sat up and saw Ichigo by a fire.

    “What are you doing dog?” I asked.

    “Will you please stop calling me dog?” Ichigo pleaded.

    “Nope, what are you doing?” I repeated myself.

    “Oh well I thought I would give you a break and cook breakfast,” Ichigo smiled at me.

    Sad to say I’m actually starting to like that dog so I smiled back.

    “There we go that’s what I like to see,” laughed Ichigo. “So Kagura how old are you?”

    “15,” I answered.

    “Really!? You look 17!” Ichigo exclaimed.

    “Whatever, how old are you?” I asked.

    “14,” He answered me.

    “You’re lying!”

    “Nope, you can check my birth certificate, well if it wasn’t a bunch of ashes.”

    “Ichigo!” I yelled.

    “Sorry that’s how I grieve I joke around, well on a happier note here’s some breakfast,” Ichigo handed me a plate.

    “Mmm…thanks Ichigo it’s really good,” I was surprised.

    “Not as good as yours Kagura!” Haru yelled from somewhere in the forest.

    “What’s Haru doing?” I asked.

    “Getting more wood,” Ichigo answered. “So what’s the plan for today are we gonna do some traveling?”

    “Nope, we need to do a little training with Haru,” I giggled.

    “What’s so funny?” Ichigo asked.

    “We’re gonna play hide and seek!” I laughed again.

    “Seriously what’s so funny?” Ichigo asked again.

    “I don’t know, I guess I’m remembering the first time I played this with my dad. It was so much fun,” I was happy again.

    Ichigo smiled.

    “What’s that about?” I asked.

    “Just happy you’re finally opening up to me,” Ichigo smiled again.

    “Yeah don’t push your luck,” I joked.

    “What’s up guys?” Haru asked.

    “Training that’s what’s up!” I was excited to get started.

    “Ohh! What are we doing?” Haru was excited too.

    “We’re going to play a game,” I told him.