• "Mom, I don't like this house, its so big!" My sister complained.
    "Oh, hush. Our great grandfather gave us this house in his will so don't go complaining to me about the house. Besides that we needed to move," my mom huffed at her.
    "I'm going to miss my friends," I complained quietly.
    "Mike please don't start with me, Sara is already bugging me." She said. she then grabbed a random suitcase and walked through the front door, the house sounded like it screamed when she opened the door. All the houses in the neighborhood looked like this one, but no one seemed to be living in them, some had cars in the driveways, but even then the cars looked old as well. Sara walked through the door next, the door shrieked when she bumped it, it sounded as if the house was a person itself, old and unused.
    "Mike go pick your room," my mom shouted from inside the house.
    "Coming," I aid back to her. I slung my backpack over my shoulder and walked up the creaking steps, the inside looked dark and unnatural, furniture was already set in the living room. It almost looked like one of those houses where all the chairs and couches were just left there, like in old movies where theirs furniture in a house that everyone deserted. I climbed my way up the stairs, they creaked as well.
    "Hurry up Mikey," my sister giggled at the top of the stairs.
    I glared at her from the middle of the staircase, "call me that again and I'll punch your face in!" Ya, okay I may have some anger issues, but come on, she's so annoying.
    "Mom Mikey's going to punch me," Sara cried running away.
    "Brat," I huffed. The stairs ended at the edge of the hallway, their almost seemed to be a whole other level above us, the ceiling towering above my head seemed like a house by itself.
    "This is my room," Sara said sticking her head out of the first doorway. I ignored her and walked past, stopping at the end of the hallway the railing for the side ended abruptly. opening the last door to see a huge room with a window overlooking the front of the house, a bed was already set in the corner of the room. A closet hid itself in the corner, and a ladder seemed to lead itself onto a small overlook, almost a second floor in the room. An old blanket hung itself over the edge of the floor, and an old picture was set on the other side of the room. The eyes seemed to be missing from the picture of a boy holding a doll in his hands.
    "Eeeeek," a sickening scream filled the house, Sara!