• It's warm and cold at the same time...and sticky.

    It hurts to breath.

    It's getting so dark.

    I want to know...was it really this painful?

    Was this really all I have left?

    I hear a whisper to my name. I knew that wonderfully sweet and innocent voice that begged me to stay. I was causing more pain...again. So maybe just this once I can force myself to face that light. The light I've been running away from for so long.

    I can barely summon the energy to open my eyes even a little bit. My vision is blurred and the light hurts. I locate the source of the voice. Emerald green eyes staring back at me: unbelieving, begging, guilty, desperate, understanding, concerned, and forgiving.

    I think I managed to smile. I can't tell anymore, every thing's going numb.

    He gives me a look. A look that begs me to answer a question I know that I can't answer. I don't have anymore answers. I've finally run out. I never imagined that he would ask me something that I wouldn't be able to answer.

    My vision blurs more as a tingling sensation races through my arm. I can barely make out a hand, pale and covered in blood. It rests gently against his face and his eyes widen as tears slip down his face. That hand wipes away the tears only to have more replace them. His lips move but I can't hear the words he wants me to hear.

    I feel light. A warm feeling slowly begins to spread through me. I can register enough to understand that my hand slips from his face and lands against my aching chest. My eyes slip close and I have enough energy to mouth the words I should have told him long ago. Long before I forced him to: hate me, accept me, understand me, kill me, and hold me bleeding and fading in his lap.

    I want to say more but...I have nothing left to tell him or anyone else. I just have to be contempt with this hand that fate has dealt me. I can't promise we'll meet again soon. I don't want to see you again until after you've lived your life to its fullest. I want to be able to see you grow into something great. And even if I can't be there in the flesh to congratulate you I will always be proud to have met you. After all, you're the one who taught me to be able to live again. I will always be grateful for that.

    The darkness...it's hard to...keep staying here...please...in the end understand...I was...tru...ely and...ho...nest...ly...s...o...r...