• Personality:
    Rai is a 17-year-old young man who usaully found discomfort around people during his time in Tokyo. He is currently going to high school and is unemployed. Rai does not remember his childhood very well, signifying him having amesia. His only thoughts are of old buildings and historical monuments, which all he dreams about every night. At first glance, Rai is dipicted as tiresome and open-minded person who thinks of only casual things such as music, magazines, anime, and other things, but at another point-of-view, we see Rai as a helpful and caring person, despite his appearance. Rai has natural blonde hair, a common fact that annoys the students at his school, all which who feel very uneasy towards Rai. He has a great interest in music, such as rock, and is seen playing the guitar very well. Rai is surprisingly very strong for his appearance, due to the fact that he can lift more than he shows off. He also has a very well-built body, having large muscles covering the upper part of his arms and torso. Despite him being well built, Rai has one thing that stands out on his body, a large scar going down the left side of his face. He doesn't where or how he got this injury, he just claims it to be an accident he forgot. Although he doesn't remember his past, he remembers everything else very well. It also shown that Rai has well-known knowledge of weapons. When he remembers a small portion of his memory, due to the arrival of Hyoujin Akayuki, a new student at his school who claims to be the best fighter, he begins to experience unknown events that cause him to believe that he is being followed by other people. It is soon revealed, by an unknown shadow, that Raijuu is an Armadura, a race of beings with unbelievable powers that have been kept secret over the past few millenium. After learning this, Rai decides not to believe it, thinking of it as nothing more than wierd bullcrap, as he said. Soon after, Rai learns that its not a lie. After being attacked by a beast-like creature one night, he sets out to discover answers, soon leading to a confrontation with Hyoujin, who reveals himself to be a Bestia, another race of beings who waged war against the Armaduras for reasons still unknown.

    Due to the loss of his memories, Rai has no knowledge of his Armadura abilities, but once he regained the first portion of his memory after his fight with a Bestia, he learns how to make his armor appear, which all Armadura are able to do. At first, his armor could only cover his entire right arm, due to the fact that Rai doesn't know how to extend it farther to his body. But during his second confrontation with Hyoujin, Rai is able to fully extend his armor to his entire body, almost defeating Hyoujin, but having orderd to retreach, ending the fight. When in his armor form, which he calls "Trigger", Rai gains incredible strength and speed, including high endurance and great reflexes. His armor is made out of a material which is highly durable and unbreakable, assuming it to very heavy, only to be stated as very light instead. Rai's armor has the appearance of demon-masked samurai, having a sword to his side whenever he changes. During the rescue of Uzume, Rai soon discovers his Armadura ability, Makeshift, which allows him to make any type of weapon ever in existence and shape it from his armor. Before he gained his Makeshift ability, Rai also has the ability to manipulate lightning in many ways not thought possible. At some parts, he would either create lightning from himself or use thunderstorms to draw out the lightning to manipulate it instead of making it. It is uncommon for Armadura to have elemental based abilities, but Rai is the only one known Armadura to have an elemental power, nobody knows for sure why he has it.