• I'm a single mother in need of assistance. I try my best to budget so we can make it. I use to live check by check to take care of my little girl and I. Back then I didn’t qualify for childcare assistance so I pay out of pocket for daycare plus my other utilities, rent and car. Now I am 15 weeks pregnant with twins and unemployed due to health issues I am high risk. I live in Hud housing with no AC unit because I can’t afford to live anywhere else sometimes if it is between 85-95 degrees outside it is over a 100 in my apartment. We are not allowed to have AC units.

    I can’t depend on the father of my unborn babies. We dated for one year and our relationship was a lie. I found out that I was pregnant and he told me that he sometimes take the condoms off during sex. I was really upset by that because I couldn’t afford another baby, now theirs two on the way. He stop coming around so I told him when their born he’s getting on child support. He told me that his name isn’t Ray Lopez and I don’t even know where he live anymore and said if anyone ask he doesn’t know me. He deleted me from his myspace page and change his phone number.

    I used to be able to turn to my mother for help but she disabled and lived on 674 a month, so my mother is taking care of herself and me and my child. I try not to be a burden on her so that’s why I am asking for help from you. In the meantime if I can get assistance, I'll be greatly appreciative. Thank you for thinking of me and my family.

    P.S. Even 1.00 would help or cloths. My name is Monique Edwards you can mail a check or money order out too: 547 sw 4th ave Homestead, Fl. 33030 Thank you so much.