• Dream Enslavement Pt2
    Ryan Ray Sullivan worked day and night. Even on the job he would faint from hunger and thirst. When he would sleep during the times he was supposed to be working, he would dream at how good his life was. All the love his mother and father gave him and how he made himself sad. He would he even roll up in a ball on the floor and cry. According to the dark master, Ryan was working for him the easy way. Though Ryan's bruises and aches didn't make it seem easy.
    One day while cleaning the master's bedroom, he found a black,old, and dusty trunk. Making sure no one the master couldn't see him. He oh so carefully and quietly opened the trunk. Then a burst of blinding lights came out as soon as Ryan opened the trunk. By reflex, he closed the trunk quietly and quickly. Curious , Ryan opened the trunk a bit and peeked inside. Inside there was this crystal ball that seemed to have something inside. He closed it, thinking there was nothing important or valuable about it and walked to down the hallway to the next untidy room .Ryan then heard his mother's voice . He ran to the trunk to the crystal ball and saw his mother and father in it. "Mami? Papi?" he said desperately. Ryan heard them both crying over him . They were both at his headstone leaving Ryan's favorite kind of flowers. Which were Red and black roses. Seeing this, tears went down Ryan's face. "Mami, Papi..." he whispered to himself.
    He then heard the master yell " Ryan!". The master's yell shocked Ryan so much that he almost dropped the crystal ball.Ryan yelled back " I'm right here! your master sir". The master noticed where he was but want amusement and asked anyway " Ryan where were you? Your supposed to be in the kitchen cleaning". Ryan replied " I just finished cleaning the bathroom..". "LIES!" the master said so loudly that it echoed in all over the house. " I can see right through you. You have found the crystal ball" the mater said except in his normal masculine voice. At this Ryan fell to his knees and said " I'm so sorry master! I was just cleaning your bedroom as you asked, and I found the trunk." "No matter, when you clean my bedroom, you shall tidy it. Not start snooping around! God you're just like your mother! Always snooping and begging. Now get to your duties and as a punishment no food for you tonight!". Ryan replied with tears streaming down his dirty and dusty face " As you wish master" and went on to cleaning.
    Frightened by the master, Ryan did not go near the chest for weeks. Until another day, He was dusting the library and found a book that caught his eye. The title was " Dark Magic". He ,at first, backed away from the book and left to finish his jobs and get his meal. While eating his meal in his own tiny bedroom, Ryan could not help but to wonder if anything about crystal balls was in there. Then he thought about his mother's trembling voice whispering his name over and over with tears of pain and sadness stream down her face ith her tears falling off her pale face to her clothes. Those thoughts caused Ryan many sleepless nights, crying of his mother and father and also feeling hollow inside.
    He couldn't take the hollow feeling anymore. On of those sleepless nights, Ryan ran quietly and quickly to the library and found the dark magic book. He went to the index and found a there was a large section of crystal balls. He anxiously opened to the page and saw a page fall out. On the page it appeared to be a business letter. The business letter was from the dark master to to Ryan's father. In it, the dark master made a trade to Ryan's father to stop his enslavement and promised to give Ryan away to the master. Shocked, tears came down his face again , and Ryan ran to his sleeping mat trying not to let his tears fall on the floor. Ryan spent the rest of that night curled up in a ball . Feeling hollowness,pain, and agony.