• Her name, Melena. Her child me. My mother. yes I was positive…

    I couldn’t move, I thought I was dreaming. I walked over to man closes to me, I touched him and he smiled at me, “Gah!” I fell backwards and landed on my bum as he went to touch my face, “Humph.” My hair fell into my eyes. There were footsteps and white shoes infront of me. I blew my hair up to see my mother standing above me, I scrambled to my feet and hugged her, “Mom?” I looked up at her as if I was little again.
    “Yes, dear. Lets sit.” She didn’t wrap her arms around me to hug me or say she missed me…she spoke as if I was a friend. I had a confused look and sat with her and the other four at a round table. She pointed to a chair at the other end and I sat. She sat down and straightened her back and had a straight face on her. This was unlike her, everyone sat and she gestured. The white hair woman smiled excitedly and spoke, “Hi! Im Millicent. Don’t cha love my name?! My mom was sittin her room and loved the name and put it to me and bada-bam I was boorrnnn! You know-”
    A glass pounded on the table and my mother spoke in a harsh tone, “Enough! I told you not to go on and on. I will deal with you later.” Millicent looked scared she sunk down and lips pouted out, my mother eyes narrowed and nodded to the guy I figured to be Won, “Won.” He had a solid look and a no caring look.
    The rich looking man looked at me, “Rondi, I was a rich man and died at thirty. Im old you are young.” He spoke in a matter-of-fact way. I widen my eyes and just nodded.
    The last buff man spoke, “Zelender, be careful when you choose…it affects you a great deal…” He looked at me and whispered when no one was looking, “Ill help you.” He looked genuinely concerned. I started to breathe heavily and my mouth opened. Another pound on the table, “Leave!” This wasn’t like her, everyone left except Millicent she let her arm raise and flinched as my mother took the glass and threw it against the wall and picked up a piece of glass and was inches away from her arm, “STOP!” My mother’s harsh eyes flashed to me, “This is not you! What happened to you?!”
    “This is me! I just never showed it to you! I always loved you! Now I can finally be who I am! Im in control.” She wasn’t my mother, the one I knew anyway.
    I moved in front of Millicent, “No. I don’t love you, remember that because from now on never bring to this place. You were kind you were you, for as long as dad was around you were nice… Let me go back.”
    Melena looked at me, “First choose strength, power, mind control.”
    “None, I don’t want anything from you, ill be happy with what I have.”
    She nodded and left and Zelender came forth and whispered, “You are the only one who choose that…I think you get all…no sure.”
    “HUH?” I practically yelled as I was thrown back to the cotic mess of Ben, Damon, and Emma rushing. I heard Ben exclaim, “WHAT? YOU NEVER TOLD ME THIS STUFF!” Emma and Damon must have filled him in. I moaned and started to move everyone went silent. I felt a hand on my head and another grabbed my arm, “Jay-jay? You okay? Im so sorry I never came to your side.”
    “God your going sappy on me Ben.” I laughed and Ben laughed to.
    I pulled my eyes open and Damon was standing above me. I tried to sit up but I fell back onto Ben, “Humph, oh.” Ben chuckled and I felt him put his arms under me, while he picked me up I felt Damon’s hand push his arm a little, “I’ll take her.”
    “No. I can, Ive known her longer.” I looked at Damon’s face as it fell just a little and a smirk came up, “Yeah, but im her boyfriend.” I looked at Ben and his face was flushed but hurt. I reached up and touched his face he smiled under my touch, “Thanks but I can walk.” He nodded and let me down. I stared at my feet and then moved my feet. Feeling awkward for I was being stared at, I wobbled into the wall. I kept walking, “No need to follow.” Everyone stayed behind and I trudged behind the corner and walked up half the steps of the stairs. I sat on the one I stopped at it and sat down. I slumped against the wall and thought of how I really need to be in therapy. I saw my mother again and she was not my mother. I have to keep a huge secret. My boyfriend and best friend hate each other. Im scared to death. I don’t know what to do, all I want to do is freeze time and cry….well I cant freeze time so I can cry. I tried moving my feet but I couldn’t so I just stretched against the wall and turned on my stomach and cried silently. I hiccupped into my arm and I felt someone’s hand on the small of my back, “Jayne? Are you okay?”
    “Damon I don’t mean to be…ruudde. But can you get Ben?” I looked up and saw a little bit of hurt but mostly understanding. He nodded, “Okay ill send him up to your room, come on lets get you up there.” I nodded but didn’t move.
    He sighed and scooped me up he laid me on my bed and kissed my forehead. He walked out and a minute later a knock was on my door…