• I heard her moan something but all I heard was buzzing. I hurried back to the bed my brow covered in sweat. I heard her moan again. This time I heard her.
    “Janet go to the bathroom and take a shower.” She got it out but her voice was raspy and dry.
    “No Emily I’m staying right here.” I said firmly
    “I’ll be here and fine when you’re done go.” She said. I hated to upset her. Her smile was still painted on her face her blue eyes open and looking at me sadly. I walked out of her room closing the door shut after she told me where the towels and the bathroom were. I took a shower not sure what soap to use the water was warm on my back and the soap had gotten all the leaves out of my hair. I grabbed the towel and wrapped it around me.
    I knew my hair was a mess. I thought after I looked in the mirror. I sprinted back down the hall to Emily’s room. She was sitting upright with her eyes closed and her legs crossed. She was thinking about something. I shut the door and waited for her to stop. She did after a moment.
    “I have some clothes that are for me when I get older in the closet if you want to try them.” She told me turning in the bed towards the closet. I nodded and opened the closet doors again. She pointed to the top of it.
    “Up there is where they are.” She said I grabbed a white trash bag from up there and pulled it down holding the towel up. The bag lay on the floor. I found some jeans and a sweater in the bag. I threw the jeans on and slid my head through the blue sweater. They fit fine.
    “Dinner’s ready!” I heard Jack and Emily’s mom call up. I heard Jack thunder down the stairs. I walked out of the room with Emily. She brought me downstairs and into a dining room with plates out and everything set up.
    My mouth watered at all the food on the counter. My eyes were probably huge and buggy.
    “Wow!” was all I was able to get out. There was a black table with black wooden stools at it. Jack motioned a spot next him and Emily. I sat down and the smell was almost mesmerizing. There was a chicken in the middle of the table and some plates full of vegetables. Emily smiled her eyes shining brightly again. Jack had been smiling the whole time. Emily’s mom came out with the three sodas and a glass of milk she sat the milk in front of a place mat nearest her and set the glasses full of soda in front of me Jack and Emily.
    “Umm, Mrs.?” I fumbled for what to call her
    “Just call me Ms. Bata dear.” She said smiling brightly
    “Umm ok, I don’t mind milk Ms. Bata.” I said shyly. My cheeks burned red.
    “Oh no it’s fine Janet I need some milk anyway.” She said smiling. Jack took a piece of chicken off of the plate with his knife and fork. Emily grabbed some veggies. And I grabbed a lot of both and chewed quickly and took a small gulp of soda. Jack looked at me for a moment and I blushed a bit. I looked down and swallowed my food slowly, and took slower bites and sips. When dinner finished Emily hopped into the kitchen and her mom followed her with the plates. I heard the water run and some dishes clatter into the sink. I looked into my lap knowing I’d upset the person beside me. But as usual I’m always curious. I looked up and saw him smiling at me. I tried to give him a genuine smile but it didn’t come out. I looked back down slowly my hair once again my curtain.
    Jack’s chair scooted on the gray tile and I heard him walk away. And then a minute later I heard him go up the steps. And it was quiet besides the dishes.
    I lifted my head slowly and got out of my chair not knowing what to do now. A lot had happened today. I walked slowly to the living room. And Jack was walking down the hallway. I hadn’t heard him come down stairs at all. He had the wolf in his palm they looked weak and barely glowing. I looked at them with sad eyes.
    “I found them on the floor of their bed.” He said looking at them. I looked down still silent. I put my hands together and counted the seconds ticking by. I stared at Jack’s feet for a long time. It had been ninety seconds now and still nothing from him. The dishes could be heard being dried. Emily giggled from the kitchen. I at last looked up and was depressed to see him frowning.
    “Sorry.” I whispered to him just softly enough for him to hear.
    “Can you follow me?” he asked giving me a choice. I nodded slowly. From the bracelet I heard a small ring like a bell.
    Jack turned back down the hall. And he opened the door for me to go out on the porch.
    “Mom I’m going outside for a bit with Janet.” He called over his shoulder still looking sadly at the creatures. He stepped out on the porch after his mom said ok. He stepped in front of me both of us still barefoot. I was glad I had a sweater on but I felt bad that Jack had on shorts and a t-shirt he didn’t seem to mind.
    He stepped in front of me and slid the wolf gently into my palm and closed my fingers around them.
    “Hold those for a little bit.” He told me and begun walking.