• Well I'm just a regular, normal kid I guess. Brad Brassley is the name. Right now I'm walking home from school and am looking out for the Path Brothers. They are big bullies who always picks on ME. I don't know why me, but I wish it was someone else. Don't take that the wrong way for I am a good guy, but if you were me you would think the same way. Now back to the present I just have to turn the corner and I'm home free. But things never go my way i guess, 'cause at the corner I see the Path Brothers waiting just for me. Yippee. That was sacastic if you want to know. Darnit. Now they're going to either beat me up or humiliate me. And don't ask which is worse 'cause I don't even know.
    "Hey dimwit have a nice day?" That was the oldest brother, Tom. He's basicly the leader of the other two brothers. He was also more muscular, taller, and was the only one out of his whole family with red hair. People say he dyed it, but it looked natural to me. But like the rest of the brothers he had dark brown eyes, almost black. Yeah, Doesn't he sound like bad news? He does to me. "Heading home dork?" He sneered.
    I didn't reply. 'Cause I knew he didn't want an answer. He just wants to keep me waiting for what he has in mind.
    "So, are you going to need an icepack today? Last time you didn't have one." That was the middle brother, Max. He almost tall as Tom, but he was 3 inches off. Had black hair like the youngest brother, Jack(who the fighter in the group). He wasn't muscular really. He was just.....well tubby. Not real big, but not skinny either.
    Uh oh. I know what they have in mind. They're going to beat me up of course. Just great. Ugh. Now I can see myself, short brown hair covered in blood from the sidewalk, Skinny arms and legs bruised, face banged up, and dark circles around my blue eyes. Mom was going to have a fit. Oh boy.
    "Just get it over with pussys." Now being a 13 year old I can say stuff like that. But not in front of Mom. And what the heck did I say that for??!!! Now I'm really going to get it. I cover my mouth with my hands.
    "Oh we have a smart mouth do we? Well lets take care of that potty mouth of yours." Tom moved forward. So did the other two.
    Now I'm not going to give the details of what happened next, but you get the idea.