I had walked into the nearest town, and found a hospital. It was not a very interesting one, but I really didn’t care. I tried holding my breath around the humans, because I knew that I would probably not be able to resist. I walked up to the receptionist, which was, mirracurously, a man, and started to talk to him.

    “Um… Hello?” I asked him hesitantly. He looked up, expecting to see just a regular person, and shock crossed his face. I remembered what that other vampire had looked like to me, and wondered if I was that pretty, too.

    “Y-yes? What c-can I do for y-you?” he stuttered. He looked dazzled, and this could give me an invantage. I leaned against the counter, and prest my chest out a little, and gave him my most sexy look possible. He looked as if he might pass out.

    “You see” I whispered, because I’m sure I wasn’t allowed to do this, “I need some of the donated blood you guys receive” and I stopped at that, letting him consider it. I was sure he would ask me why, and was surprised when he didn’t. He looked around and then waved me to follow him.

    I was ecstatic, this wasn’t as hard as I had thought it would be. We walked down many hallways and passed many people, who didn’t look at us twice, well, except for the men. The men always gave me the “once over” and it got irritating. Finally, we got to the blood room.

    “Take as much as you want, beautiful” he murmured, “you can get out the back”. I was so happy that I went over to him and kissed him on the cheek. Then backed away again because he smelled kind of good. He blushed, which didn’t help the situation.

    “Thank you!” I exclaimed in a whisper. He smiled at me, and then left. I looked at the stock, and thought it through. I thought it was best to get the blood out of here first. So I grabbed a load and carried it outside to the bushes of the forest surrounding the hospital.

    I got 4 or 5 loads, and I thought that would keep me for a while. As soon as I had got it all far enough into the forest, I drank some. It was so delicious, but I had to stop, and save it for later dates. I felt stronger, and so I walked into town, I needed a few things.

    A while later, I was walking around town, and, well, I guess I wasn’t used to being stared at.

    People were stopping where they were, just looking at me. I thought that was kind of rude, but then I remembered the hospital receptionist, and thought that maybe they were staring because I was pretty. I kind of liked that idea.

    I steered clear of everyone, because the closer I got, the thirstier I got. Ah, there was the store I wanted. I walked right up into the Target and inside. Quickley, and silently, I walked over to the juniors section, I needed new clothes ( the ones I was wearing were kind of dirty). I picked some out and then walked over to the check out counters.

    It was my turn, so while the stunned clerk checked my clothes up I dug in my pockets for my wallet. s**t. I couldn’t find my wallet! C’mon Shelby! I told myself, its gotta be somewhere! I began searching frantically while the man just continued staring at me, as he was done ringing up the clothing.

    I was about to say that I just simply could not find my money and I was going to go take those back when a hand came out and laid a 20 on the check counter. My head snapped up and I saw a guy a little older then I was. He had sandy brown hair and blue eyes, with tan skin, to top it all off.

    “T-thanks” I stuttered. “You didn’t need to do that”.

    “No problem” but he still wasn’t looking at me. I don’t think he’d actually ever even looked at me; just saw that I was out of cash. The clerk had been finishing my purchase, and now was handing me my bags. Finally, the man that had just paid for my clothes, looked over at me.

    I saw his eyes pop open a little, but then he just nodded and handed over a 50 to pay for his grocery’s. I started walking away, but something about him… didn’t seem the same as everyone else here. I was so tense and I was squeezing the bags without noticing, and the tops of the bags (they were plastic) smushed together, and I glanced around, hoping nobody noticed. I sighed. Everyone was staring.

    I walked outside and into the down poor that had started sometime when I was inside. I ducked out and started toward my hide out. The rain didn’t really bother me, but it was soking my clothes. About 5 minutes down the sidewalk, I heard a car slow down next to me. I turned toward it, about to give the person in it the finger and tell them to keep driving, but I saw who it was.

    “Do you… need a ride, miss?” the man from Target asked. I nodded gratefully and hopped inside the red sedan. I was sopping wet and I squeeked when I sat down, and he smiled a little. “So, where are you headed?”.

    “Er… um just around that corner…” I said quietly, looking out the windshield. When he got to the place where the woods were I spoke again. “um… just drop me off right here. Thanks for the ride” and I turned toward him to smile. The smile dropped from my face as I saw that he was staring intently at me, which made me self-concious.

    “This is where you live?” he asked skeptically. I hesitated, and then nodded, deciding that lying would probably not work in this situation. “Where’s ur house?” he asked. This was getting on my nerves.

    “Excuse me, but is that any of your business?” I asked a little rudely. I didn’t really care at the moment, because he was asking questions that I couldn’t answer. And I had to get out now, because his scent was strong, although it was different from everyone else’s, and I wasn’t sure if I could last any longer without jumping on him. “Thank you for the ride-“ I began, but he cut me off.

    “Just answer me, Shelby” he said. “Why are you all the way out here?”. I jumped. I had never introduced myself to him. I hadn’t even said my name out loud since I had changed. I stared, wide eyed at him, and he sat back, with a look of suspicion on his face. I was too stunned to say anything else, so I turned and opened the door and ran into the forest, toward my only safe harbor.