• Once again I stared out from the beach at the gray blue waters of the pacific. it’s not like I don't appreciate my parents taking me here, but I just wish we could have gone somewhere less, I don’t know, touristy. It was our 3rd day out here and it’s not like we're tourist or anything, not really at least. The only place I really wanted to visit was the city of Modesto, but here we were: Catalina Island. Currently we were lounging on Gallagher beach.
    Most people would probably enjoy it, but after living in the central valley for most of my life, I just missed the foggy mornings and cold tidal pools. The rocky beach was currently occupied by small groups and families scattered across the beach. The usual "small children building mounds of sand while mom told them what great castles they were!" could be seen all over. After a while I started to entertain myself watching swimmers try to avoid wind surfers and wave runners while still staying at a reasonable distance from the shore. I let my eyes wander over the ocean and then noticed something odd; small bubbles rising to the surface one after another. At first I assumed the usual fish or ocean dweller, but the bubbles stopped and one large "ploob!" came up. I started trying to look under the surface from where see if someone needed help. I heard someone complaining about the current being strong earlier and had noticed a bit of an undertow deeper out; there was a possibility that a kid got himself stuck out there. After a while the bubbles subsided without enough to indicate drowning, so I let it go. That’s when I first noticed something rising out of the waves.
    There were 5 of them, and all of them were definitely NOT human. Though humanoid in shape they were lanky, too long to be an average man, too thin for their height. Their skin was the pale white blue of a corpse but had a different look to it than the swollen blistered look that normally accompanies that hue of skin. Instead of hair they had intricate tattoos swirling in foreign symbols around their faces. Large black lidless eyes stared out at us as they slowly advanced toward the shore. They seemed to glide, not on the water, but just above it. Long, beautiful, and flowing cream robes draped them with intricate belts hugging their midsections. Multiple items dangled from them. They dangled and chimed within the small ocean breeze...wait flowing? Drifting? Didn’t they just come out of the ocean?
    It took me a second to realize that they were completely dry even before they surfaced. By this time they where approaching the shore line and still gliding above the surface, only now the same with the sand. People slowly backed away from them, children hiding behind their parents while others backed away and left. The creatures slowly advanced and stopped near the crowds. Their large eyes turned to each of us in turn before addressing us in high, eerie voices, "calm your selves, humans, we are not here to harm you. We come to observe and learn, nothing more. If you could please return to your activities...” yeah right like that was happening, by this point some retard decided to call the police, who in turn had let the news know and by now it looked like the situation was going to keep escalating...wonderful, ignore the blue people who just walked on water, that always works out in the end right? Wrong, I’ve seen way too many Japanese horror flicks to even have to think twice about this. Here are some things that should probably not be done: 1) staring at the pink elephant in the room. 2) Ignoring the strange creatures, and 3) bringing in hostile authorities with bull-horns that seem to be causing the being grief.
    Of course we somehow managed to do all 3 in aprox. 3 minutes flat. “Please silence your selves!” One of them hissed. Well needless to say everyone shut up. The middle one thanked us and continued talking, “as I was saying, we come to observe. We are from the Andromeda galaxy and only wish to observe this planet, we will leave when our survey is done, thank you.” Of course by this point I’m sure half the world new about our little encounter. As far as I could tell they were sticking to their statement of being peaceful meanings. They turned and walked back towards the ocean, leaving the same way the appeared, leaving us speechless and stunned. Well I guess the world is in for a rude awaking if they haven’t already heard about this. Huh, guess those debates on other world was right after all, this is defiantly a first as far as we know.