• When I got home I was late for dinner. Oh boy, I thought, Mom is going to ground me so bad this time. I closed the front door soundlessly, hoping no one heard me. The living room was down the short, picture covered hall. And I could see that the light was on. Uh oh. I hooked my torn, dirty bookbag on one the hooks and sighed. I sauntered down the hall, knowing already what was going to happen. At least with me grounded I don't have to see the Path brothers again.

    When I got to the living room I looked over at the red, faded couch over to the left side of the room and saw, you guessed it, my parents. And on the matching chair was my twin brother, Chad. Yes my twin. Even though he is in 8th grade and I'm in 7th( I was held back in 2nd because I fell of the playground slide and Cracked open my head so I missed the rest of the year), but we're the same age. Hes 13 and I'm 13. He sometimes makes fun of me of that, but you get used to it. I look back at my parents and quickly put my head down. I didn't want them to see my bruised face. But of course Mom's eyes never miss anything.

    "Oh honey! What happened to your face? And you missed dinner." Mom sounded worried, but I didn't look up or answer. I just kept staring at the grey carpet that actually looked pretty good with the red furniture and wallpaper.

    "You look like crap." Chad said, with some feeling, but that was rare for he is just laid back and remote.

    I almost made a reply, but I bit my lip. I could taste the dirt and dried blood. I waited for Dad to say something, but he was silent.

    " Honey answer me. What happened?" Mom softly asked.

    I kept my mouth shut and went upstairs to my small bedroom. I know I know. I should have told them about the bullies, but that would have only made it worse.

    I changed into my pajamas and went to my private bathroom and rinsed my face clean. Fresh and sleepy, I crawled into bed. I sighed in content. It was much comfier than concrete. I snuggled under the covers and closed my eyes. Sleep came easily.

    The dream I had was one I never had before. I was running through a forest, but I don't know why. I told myself to NOT look back. Whatever you do do NOT look back. I kept running, not sure what I was looking for or why I shouldn't look back. So I did a really stupid thing.

    I looked back.

    I saw a huge, black as night, wolf heading towards me. Its yellow eyes staring at me and never looking away even to doge all the bushes and trees.

    I paniced, like you always do in a nightmare. And then I tripped over a tree stump. I fell face first into the ground. I turned on my back into time to see the beast jump on top of me. It snapped at my face. I closed my eyes, put my arms up. and screamed. Then it bit my arm. I really screamed then. I held my arm to my ribs. It saw its opportunity and went for my throat.......