• When Hiroyuki and I walked in, all eyes were on us. I looked over at Hiroyuki. His smile had vanished, and his expression had changed from 'I'm bursting with joy!' to 'Touch me and I'll kill you.' I was relieved. What if I came in and he was smiling? I thought. That would've been a disaster. I waltzed over to where Kenji and Aoi were. (oos: I hope that's her friends' name, lawl.)
    "Hey guys." I said, calmly. There was a bit of silence before Aoi spoke up.
    "Hey guys? Hey guys? You just walked in with THE Hiroyuki Ishikawa, the most gorgeous guy in this whole school, and you say 'Hey guys'? What is wrong with you?" She practically screamed at me.
    "What did you want me to say?" I feebly replied. At that moment, I looked over at where Hiroyuki was sitting. I doubted he had heard us.
    Aoi was peeved. "Ruu! You just walked in with a hot, no, gorgeous boy! I would expect you to try to explain how this happened!" She was increasing the volume of her voice with every word.
    "Shhhh....." Kenji said. "He'll hear you." He pointed to Hiroyuki, who had just become vaugely aware of a small girl screaming in the back of the classroom. I was afraid that he would walk over and ask what was going on, which would be extremely awkward. I looked over at Hiroyuki and his 'gang'. There was a lot of laughter coming from where he was. Hiroyuki stood up. Oh God. I thought. He was walking towards me. Oh God. His friends were just laughing it up in their little group. It took all my strength not to go over and just explode.
    "So, Rumiko, is it?" I heard a familiar voice say. I hadn't even noticed that Hiroyuki had sat down.
    "Uh, yeah." I said, coming back to the real world. Kenji and Aoi were stifling laughter. He smiled.
    "Sorry about running over you earlier." He said. What is going on? I thought. Is he apologizing to me?
    "No, no. It was my fault." I said. He started laughing at me, and to my surprise, started stroking my hair.
    "Don't blame yourself." he said. Oh my God. I thought. Why is he touching me? I looked uncomfortable, and Hiroyuki could tell.
    "I'm sorry." He said, stopping. I could practically hear Aoi's envy.