• "Hello?" Randy yelled as he looked through the gap in the wall . "Micheal , where are you ?" Randy stepped through the huge hole in my house . He looked around , wondering where I was . I was too upset to answer . I was thinking about my dream . So many questions rolled through my head t hat it made me have a headache . I stood on top of our tv , in the living room . I know its stupid , but hey , I just lost my cousin .
    "MICHEAL! answer me , this is not funny , whyd u hit me , and WHATS GOING ON!!!" Randy yelled getting fustrated . He spotted me , he rand toward me , and hopped on the tv too . He gave me a look that told me he wanted to know what was going on . I pulled out my sword , and showed him it. Randy gave me a scared look .
    "Do you know what this letter means?" Randy asked while excamining my sword . Letter ? I thought in my head . I took the sword from him and excamined it . I saw a huge letter at the handel of the sword . I gave it back to him . I shrugged my shoulder .
    "No , and waht does it matter?" I asked .
    "Ill be back." Randy said as he hopped off the tv and ran to his house .
    "WAIT! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" I yelled at him .
    "Dont worry man , ill be back!" He yelled as he rand through the gap in the kithcen .
    * * * * * * * * * * * *
    He slammed a huge dust covered book onto the kitchen table . He blew some of the dust off .
    "Look at it ." Randy demanded . I looked at him .
    "Ummm ok?" I said , wondering what the big deal is . I looked at the cover . There was some weird words on it . They looked similar to chinese handwriting , except , with more lines . There was a sword on the cover of the book . I looked real close at it . I gasped ....
    "Randy." I said , "This is the same sword that - "
    "You have? Yes , weird , i know ." Randy interrupted .
    "What im realy concerned is how you got it in the first place ." He said wondering .
    I thought about Chrisy , and I knew what the purpose of my dream was . Randy started to read the book , I dont know how , but he he is .
    " Listen , Randy , i got to tell you what happened this morning ." I said seriously .
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Randy sat back in the chair , looked at me with wide eyes . He began to speak , but nothing came out .
    "Im gonna go look for my cousin ." I said , tired of waiting for Randy to say somthing . I started toward the huge gap in the wall.
    'WAIT!" Randy called after me . I looked back .
    "What?" I said impateintly .
    "I need to tell you somthing about the sword you picked up ." Randy said . I sat down in the chair next to him .
    "What?" I said impaeitnly .
    "That sword." He said in a whisper ."Its called The Sword Of Blazel ." He finished . I looked at him like he was crazy .
    "What are you talking about ?" I said in nonbeleif .
    "Im serious , I read it in the book ,and i know how to read it because it came with a book that tells you what the letters mean . This book." Randy held up the book to show me . "Its called The Book Of Blazel . It says in the book , that Blazel , was a rip in the time and space dimensoins . Its a place where nightmares come true . And in this book , it mentions a mirror of some sort ." I gasped .
    "Yeah , excactley , the mirror you saw in your dream . It comes with a picture of it , if u wanna see ." Randy finished . He turned to the page and held it up for me . The mirror had some anceint writing on it . And it was purple and black .
    "That is the mirror ." I said scared . Randy put donw the book .
    "yah , i kinda guessed." He joked .
    "I didnt think it was real , it was a cool book to read when I was younger ." Randy said , rubbing his head . I got up.
    "Woah , what are you doing mike?" Randy said scared .
    "Im getting my cousin back ." I said as I walked into the kitchen . Randy got up , and ran after me .
    "Dude , you dont know what those things are cabable of ." Randy warned me .
    "I think I got a pretty good idea ." I said carrying the sword on my back "And theres nothing you can do to stop me." I said determined to get my cousin back . Randy stopped to think .
    "O yea? What if I told you that there is only one way to get to Blazel!" He yelled after me . I stopped , and turned around .
    "Ok , what is it?" I said sharply .
    "Ok , ill only tell you if you promise to let me go with you ." He said .
    "Fine . now what is it?" I said impateint . He had a smile on his face .
    To Be Continued .......................