• Never before had an couple so young had such a heart to heart. It was a moment of complete and total solitude, where we were blissfully the only two people in the world. No sounds of irritating chatter or busy state traffic ways interrupted, just the quiet whistling of the grass as it blew sweet smelling meadow air and billowed the tall grass. The hills rolled with us as we tumbled down the side of the grassy hill. Our laughter could be heard for miles around, except there was no one around to hear it. We landed side by side at the base of the hill, panting. I rolled over on top of her, using my arms to hang just above her so I could stare into her sparkling eyes. She laughed again, and it was a symphony of bells. I didn’t even mind when she pushed me over and then sat up. I stood and offered her my hand. More quiet giggling answered it, as well as her soft, sweaty hand. I didn’t care. Together, we trudged up the mountain again.

    We were to tired, so we just lay down, and sat for a while. Minutes passed, or maybe hours. The sun never seemed to move across the sky, as if it to wanted this day to never end. Eventually we quieted and just silently looked up at the afternoon sky.

    It was a perfect moment. Nothing could change it. I was running my hand through her hair, tracing patterns on her scalp and relaxing her muscles with each brush. The grass poked my arms and itched my back where the blanket ended, but I wouldn’t have moved or taken my hand out of her silky tresses for anything. Her head rested on my stomach, like I was a pillow, forming a ‘T’ on the grassy hilltop. ‘T’ for Time; all the time in the world. Endless hours and hours of blue sky moments like this one. And it was then that I realized, as she rested on me with that thoughtful gaze and opened her heart to me, that this was real. Every person’s secret dream. To share a moment like this with some one they truly love, that’s what every one wants. An intimate moment with her deepest desires.

    I was so lucky, because I was everything she was looking for. That fate could make two people so incomplete seems unfair, and I guess she thought so too, because she brought us together, and made us one. One entirety. A single soul with fused dreams and melded secrets.

    Her thoughts were alien to me, and yet, they felt like a secret dream, or a dream of a dream, where I’d heard everything she was saying. All of her musings about life, and love, and the future just spilled out of her in between those quiet, thoughtful pauses in her quiet, thoughtful way. Everything she’d ever thought on the meaning of existence, and her opinion on what matters most in the world, she divulged to me, and me alone. Between thoughtful sighs, she told me of the important things in her life, the things that gave it meaning and her reflections on them. And all I could do was listen, because I could tell she’d been wanting this moment a long time. Maybe as long as I had been wanting it. Everything she’d ever wanted was me. And it completely boggled my mind, so I never thought about it long. My sole attention was riveted on her soft lips, telling me all of her inner most thoughts, her chocolate hair that flowed between my fingers, her voice as she struggled to find the words to say what her soul was telling her. She was beautiful. And nothing, nothing could change that. It was a blue sky moment, a beautiful, lovely, perfect day in the most wondrous spot. And with all that beauty and color, she was the one who really shined.