• i think that one day the whole earth is going to die because of global warming

    not global warming itself but the effect of it

    it may not be all of the ice melting so we all drown

    it could be so much more

    think about it

    the earth is like you

    it cant live forever

    one day its going to have to die or disapear

    nothing can last forever

    and the life could be ended earlier than it should be

    because of us

    because of all the pollution we make

    think about it

    the pollution is killing our atmoshphere


    im not trying to be a greenie but

    think about it

    this is global warming

    and it is happening no


    but we are able to stop it

    think of environmentaly friendly things

    instead of using electricity

    think about it

    we could stop this

    before it is too late

    we just gotta pitch in and work together

    think about it

    im sure that you wouldn't want a future generation of yours to die

    because of you...

    because of us

    because of what we have done


    think about it