• There was the air heads, the jocks and the new kids. I had a few friends but my best life line was Jake. Oh by the way my name is Anah this is the story of the madness of dragon high school. Now the thing here is no ones human. Take Jake he’s a vampire. Me? I am a fox demon. Most look human but not all. Like Nat he’s a dragon yeah a real dragon. He has a dragon form and a human form. But his human form is when he goes to the out side. See dragon middle school is a safe place for us. Every thing on the outside of the school is a mad house for us, There is humans every where. So most of us stay here. Now here’s what its like for a new kid.

    I sighed, new school new year. Life was not easy being a fox demon. First I had fox ears and tail blond hair cut short because in fights they all ways go for the hair, I had blue eyes, And I am 5’3 and I wore mostly jeans and a T-shirt. Some say I am a rebel but I did well in school but if some one ticked me off they were in the nurseries office for a week at least.

    I got dressed I threw on black jeans and a black T-shirt of my band. Yeah I had one I was lead singer. My friend Jake played lead gutter and my friend Nat drums and Kat on bass. Our emblem was a silver fox in front of a moon most likely was me and Kat where fox demons and our name is night hunters.

    I walked out of my dorm after I made sure my pet had enough food, I had a germen shepherd, and His name was Nero.
    Most of us moved in last night. I had a book bag over one shoulder. I smiled as I saw Jake he was on the ceiling looking down at me.

    Jake and pale skin and black eyes, He wore all black, He had spike hair and was an inch smaller then me. He had point ears.

    “Took you long enough”
    He said as he jumped off and landed next to me.
    “Sorry alarm cloak dint go off.”
    I said as I made my way to the cafeteria. Where I took a bagel off of the counter. And sat down with Nat and Kat. They were talking about some kind of ice cream or something.