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    Odd was depressed. He could only stomach five plates of food instead of the usual 10. It was worrying the others, but they seemed too wrapped up in each other to really confront him about it. At the moment, Yumi and Ulrich were on a date, watching a movie. Aelita and Jeremy were at the factory, working on some new programs together. Most would think that wasn’t really a date. But to two nerds, it was the most romantic thing in the world.

    And here was Odd, wandering around aimlessly in the park long after the sun went down. Not that the darkness would help if anyone was looking for him. His hair was like a beacon of light whenever he wanted to be alone. That was the only bad thing about it, but he wouldn’t change his hair for anything. He heaved a long sigh, watching his breath billow out in the cold air.

    It was almost amazing, really, that he was the only one alone tonight. About two months ago, Ulrich finally mustered up the guts to ask Yumi out. They’d been going out ever since. Even Mr. and Mrs. Einstein, the geniuses that they were, seemed to be spending more time together. Wasn’t it supposed to be the smart kids that had no life? That were cooped up in their rooms all night, surfing the net? Though, technically, that was what the two were doing…

    “Lost in the darkness, hoping for a sign,
    instead there’s only silence, can’t you here my screams?”

    Odd stopped dead in his tracks as the ghostly haunted melody passed through his ears. If he had been on Lyoko, those cat ears would have pricked to further catch the words.

    “Never stop hoping, need to know where you are.
    But one thing’s for sure, you’re always in my heart.”

    The musician in him immediately recognized the song Somewhere, by Within Temptation. The flirt in him wanted to go find the obvious female voice and make a few moves. The human being within him wanted to find the voice that held so much sadness in it and comfort. Whichever essence he followed, he’d still find that girl. He looked around, trying to find out just where that sad voice was coming from. He'd once heard Ms. Hertz say something about some type of night bird doing this. But Odd never pays attention in class, so what would he know?

    "I'll find you somewhere, I'll keep on trying.
    Until my dying day. I just need to know
    Whatever has happened, the truth
    will free my soul!"

    With that and a quick nod of determination, Odd went off the beaten pathway of the park into the overgrown bushes. Just pushing past those were a pain in his butt. Thorns tore at his skin and clothes, getting stuck in his shirt and tangling in his hair. He hissed silently to himself as a thorn dug particularly deep into his thigh. He'd have to use tweezers to get that one out...

    "Lost in the Darkness, trying to find your way home.
    I want to embrace you, and never let you go!
    Almost hope you're in heaven, so no one, can hurt your soul."

    Odd quickened his pace, fighting against thorns and brambles to get to where the voice was. He couldn't explain the sudden near desperation to get to the girl. Perhaps the sadness in her voice was just calling out to him. Maybe it's just because he wanted to get out of the thorns and brambles. Maybe he was just bored. He doubted even Jeremy would know.

    "Living in agony,
    cause I just do not know. Where you are.
    "I'll find you somewhere, I'll keep on trying.
    Until my dying day. I just need to know
    Whatever has happened, the truth
    will free my soul!"

    He slowed down his wild sprint, trying to get his bearings again. Now it sounded like the voice was... behind him? Odd spun around, and his breath caught caught in his throat. The most beautiful and hypnotizing pair of eyes were staring back at him, a mixture of shining gold and glinting amber. He didn't seem to notice any other outlandish feature, which was out of the ordinary for Odd. He didn't notice the glossy, raven-colored hair that fell in ringlets down a slender back. He didn't see the pale-as-a-ghost skin glow in the shafts of moonlight the trees allowed. He didn't notice the dark blue tank top that showed off her... assets rather nicely, or the baggy black jeans that sagged down her hips. He only saw those orbs of molten amber and the undertone of sadness as she continued her song.

    "Wherever you are, I won't stop searching
    Whatever it takes, need to know!"

    Odd didn't even try to resist as she pulled on his hands, seeming to lead him into a type of dance. He just went with it, doing what both her and his instincts told him to. Whatever it took to keep eye contact with her. Together, they twirled around the clearing to the melody in their heads, twisting and turning whatever way the silent rhythm took them. The mysterious girl slowed them to a stop in the biggest beam of silver, letting her eyes take their full hypnotizing affect as she continued her haunting melody.

    "I'll find you somewhere
    I'll keep on trying until my dying day
    I just need to know whatever has happened,
    The truth will free my soul."

    For far more than a minute after the song ended, they just stood there. Odd was trying to think of something to say, opening and closing his mouth as words came and went through his mind. The girl was content to just stand there, smiling at the boy that had been drawn by her song. He was rather cute, she supposed. His blond hair, catching the light from the silver orb, seemed to turn to silver fire on top of his head. As they had danced, she had discovered that he had quite a bit of muscles under his odd purple clothing. The most peculiar thing about him was the purple diamond on his head. Her smile widened slightly as she thought, 'Yup, he sure is an Oddball.'

    Finally deciding on something, he opened his mouth to speak. But a call from a familiar voice caused both him and the girl to look back at where he had originally come from. "Odd, where are you!?" Called Ulrich's voice. "Xana is attacking!" Odd tensed up and glanced at the girl. Instead of seeing a confused face, he simply saw her smile drop. "ODD?!?!"

    Odd turned back to the girl, a near-tortured look on his face. While he didn't say anything, his thoughts were clear. The girl smiled and stood on her toes, lightly kissing his cheek. Odd shivered as her breath breezed past his ear. "My name is Alana Faye. We will soon meet again. Very soon, Oddball."

    Odd blinked at the name. That was all it took for her to turn around and disappear into the surrounding trees. Another shout from Ulrich shook Odd out of his stupor, and he ran back through the brambles and thorns, no longer caring. 'Alana Faye, huh?' Odd thought, a growing smile on his face. 'I know we'll meet again. I'll make sure of it.'

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