• Ah. What a beautiful family they are.
    Family pictures all over the house.
    But there's always something wrong in a house like that.

    So, on a marvelous morning, Little Timmy comes downstairs with his sister Tammy. With a big smile on their face and with a whistling tune, they sit down and await their hearty breakfast that their mom is making with a big smile and tune. But where's the dad? He's all busy in his dark, cold room in which anger is feasting on him. "Honey, food's ready!" Oh how he hates her voice. A loving horn blasts for the kids, and so they leave to school. Huh? What's this? They left the door opened. Silly kids, letting a cat in.

    "Honey....oh honey,honey,honey,honey!... honey?" The blasted woman walks up into Fathers room only to see a smiling cat with four rainbow stripes. Amazed, she gets closer and whack! Father shares a smile with cat, and oh what smile. He drags her body to the family room where he hides her under the floor.

    Hours pass and Little Timmy gets home early. With a smile and a whistle he sees the smiling cat. "Cat you cute! I liek cat!" Pet and pet he can't get enough of the cat. But Timmy, sees a shadow blackening the rainbow so he turns around. Only to see Father. The was now rainbow striped with red dots. So again, up goes the floor board and down goes a body.

    Father was beginning to grin, and so was the cat. Tammy gets home and sees Father, smiling on the family room armchair. "Father happy! I happy, too!" A pur behind her catches her attention. "Kitty!" Father runs towards her and takes his chance. The cat, has two red stripes now.

    Oh, how quiet and cheerful the house got for Father but the cat was nowhere to be seen. Hours pass and Father with a smile on his faces, he brushes and showered and falls to sleep. Day and night he hears faint noises in the house but he's enjoying the near silence. But the noise would get louder and louder, until it became a tune. So on that night, he goes to the noise. Into the family room the sound blasts through the floor. He opens the floor and out comes the cat. The cat, is now a red cat.