• let start from the beginning(part 1); chapter 1
    AW!!AWW!!NO!!NO!! i see..see a light flickering what?
    "hello", a voice called out.
    "who,who are?"
    the girl started humming a tune, a familiar tune.A chilly breeze went by my face and my spin had a chill slowly crawling up.and the room started to get cold,freezing.AW!my eyes open i wake up with a terror.it was only a dream i said to myself.i get out of my bed and get a glass of water. i look in my reflection and stare into my deep dark mysterious eyes i say, "Whats wrong with me?"You see lately I've been having these dreams over and over again about a girl and a flickering light; every time i ask her name she starts humming a tune. i know the tune by my mother before she died. i use to fall asleep to it, me laying in her lap, her petting my hair and my eyes trying to say open but softly closing.My mom died when i was after that my father and i moved to the south; we have a mansion bout $5,000.But ever since we moved here it felt different. like bad a presence in the house.
    But my friend Violeta thinks I'm going insane and crazy. Violta and i have been friends since ever.Shes a true friend. But that's a different story,the light i have no idea what the light it is. And the house it creeps me out some how the dreams and the house are connected. It always feels like someone is watching me.But the kitchen ; it feels different like cold,sour,hate,death and destruction. Its more than a place with pots and pans,it has a history. Wait what's that, i hear some thing in my room.
    "Hello. Hello........................is some on there?"
    I hear the tune from my dream. i gulp the hardest gulp;my hart is pounding. i step in my room hoping nothing is there. i close my eyes, as i walk in my room slowly heal to toe. i opened my eyes and i see my dad going through my stuff.
    I yelled,"GET OUT WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    He answered, "Im looking for my medicine, i thought you had..."
    He paused, "Im sorry what was i thinking. Why would my precious 16 year old daughter have my pills?"
    "Its ok, there down stairs on the table next to the coach."
    My dad has been acting weird lately. I think he still feels bad of what happened to mom. I miss her; we both miss her. I tell him to go back to bed; i clean up the mess he made.And plop back in bed and think about the light in my dream and about the girl and what it all means. Also why I'm so paranoid in this house. I don't know; I really never had an answer to anything, so as i think i fall asleep. ******************************************************************************************************************************** ******************************************************************************************************************** ****************************************************************************************************