• There is a cave, yes reader, a cave. simple, but yet unique in how formed and created to shape a half circle. Inside this cave, there is water, running down the side, like a beast, running from a hunter, whether its beast or man. sploosh, each tear-drop of the cave hits the floor, sploosh sploosh sploosh. This story may be about the cave,or maybe its just a distraction.
    Max swung the stick and sturck thr barn door, wham, wham wham. twirling and spinning, wham-a-wham. swoosh! ploosh...
    "Aww... Dang..." he was covered in mud from slipping. he wiped himself off. looking for his stick. it couldnt be found. fustrated he tramped inside
    "Oh My Gosh!!" screamed his sister.
    "its just-"
    "OUT" screamed his sister leaping onto the couch curling her lip in dispise.
    "FINE! GOSH!" Max tramped outside once again, he grabbed a bucket and filled it with water. and duncked his head in. cool freash water went rushing into his dirty blonde hair. into his ears. and in his nos-
    "arrrggghh!!" his face came out of the bucket, he landed on his butt.
    "ow" he looked around, no one around. but he was sure that he had felt something... a knife? he glanced at his pink arm, as well as could be. he got back up and sprinted inside and up to his bedroom before his sister yelled
    "MOOOOOOMMM!!" he jumped on his bed and pulled his sketbook out from unde his bed. hehad drawn an elf, picture perfect ears, a slim body, almost like u could touch it. a green soft and fuzzy cloak. and on the next page, a stone tower, reaching to the highest points, rivaling olyumpus. he put it down and sighed. this had been the seventh time he had gotten that feeling, and after each time,he had either done something, drawn something, or looked for somthing. he looked out his window, towards a cave, about 2 miles away.
    "Im going to go to that cave today." and he leaped out of bed and sprinted down the stairs across the kitchen and out the broken front door.

    To be Continued in Part Two: The Crystal Cave.

    *hey look!! a chiken!!