• "OH MY GOSH!" I screamed upstairs to my mother, who was taking way to long "WOULD YOU PLEASE, HURRY UP!".
    Clink, clink, clink went her high-heels on the steps of the marble staircase. She came down in a stunning, short white party dress. She fiddled through her brown hair, working her way to her ears making sure her pearl earrings were still there. Her green eyes twinkled with the light of the sunlight, pouring through the window. She smiled at me and headed to the door, signalling for me to follow her. Finally I think, following her out to her silver buggy in the front yard.
    While she drove off, I stared out of the front seat window. I listened to her lecture, telling me that I am always such an 'impatient little thirteen year old lady'. I smiled and looked out at the breeze making the trees sway back and fourth slowly.
    She pulled up into the parking lot of her best friend's mansion. I got out of the car and stared up at the marvelous, castle-looking home. The outside walls were marble, the gate was silver, the lawn was a beautiful lush green and there was an entry way arch. Big trees swayed back and fourth and looked beautiful against the gray-ish sky. Mother hurried into the mansion, not waiting for me to follow her. I smiled up at the amazing look of the mansion and walked through the arch to the backyard.
    I love this place, I thought. I sat down on the emrald colored grass and stared out at the small pool. It was barely really a pool, it was actually a pond.
    It was really small, but there was a secret cave that led to the ocean about a mile out. I stared at the clear water and smiled at how still and calm it was.
    I heard a noise from beyond the pond. It was like a beautiful melody, swaying along with the trees. I frowned curiously and stared into the water in which the sound was coming from. The water moved around, more and more until it wasn't very clear. Something emerged from the water and stared at me.
    I blinked.
    "Hello," the thirteen year-old-looking girl said, "I am Merellia." I continued to stare at her. She smiled a bright smile and grabbed my hand, shaking it in greeting. I pulled it back, rubbed my eyes and opened them again. She was still there. The staring contest continued, until she laughed and said "You blinked! I win!". At this, I smiled at her. "What's wrong? Cat got your tongue?"
    I shook my head and looked back up at her. "No," I managed to say, "I just can't believe it. Where did you come from?" She laughed and pointed back to the direction of the ocean.
    "Over there, silly! Where else would I come from? The gulf of mexico?" She smiled at me and grabbed my hand. I noticed she was very pale. I looked back up at her face and also noticed that her eyes were the lightest blue I have ever seen, and her hair was the most beautiful brown, curly hair I ever laid my eyes on. Her smile was as bright as the sun with her beautiful pearly teeth.
    "Well," I said, "Why are you here?"
    "Because I choose to be here! Because I come here at this time of day every day, of coarse, when people aren't around. But at least your friendly! I can tell by the look in your eye."
    "But aren't you tresspassing? This is personal property." She looked thoughtful for a minute, shrugged and smiled at me again.
    "Well you're so quiet, why don't you tell me your name?"
    "Oh, right. I'm Natasha, it's a pleasure to meet you. Do you injoy swimming?"
    "Uh, it's the only thing I do, Natasha! Of coarse, other then singing and curling my hair with my fingers and stuff." She flipped her glistening silver tail out of the water. I gasped.
    "Wait, you're a mermaid?"
    "It's either that or I'm a pinata. Hopefully, you're right." She smiled again. "So wanna go swimming, or let me turn you into a mermaid for part time or something?"
    "Me? Turn me into a mermaid?"
    "There's nobody else here."
    "Err...sure." I took her hand and she dragged me down into the water. It was all so clear. I laughed and bubbles burbled out of me, she smiled at me. The formation began with glowing green water. I looked down at my beautiful shiny, purple tail.
    "Follow me! I'll show you to the ocean." She said. I swooped and twirled around in the cave, following her until the cave came to an end. I stared around at the beautiful merpeople and all the golden buildings. I stared around at the many schools of fish, and all the lines of starfish. I stared around and all and everything, amazed and excited to spend the next hour here, I hoped.
    "How long will we stay?" I asked.
    "Just until I hear somebody call your name from beyond the ocean, but first let me introduce you to my family and friends.
    I met Cynthia, her beautiful blonde older sister, who was about sixteen. I met Hinaru, her handsome brother with straight black hair and shimmering orange eyes, who was about fourteen. I met her father, Mishoru, and her mother, Orthanina. I met her best friend, Aunika, and I met her close cousins, Dyllan, Jerry and Sophia. I stopped and stared at Jerry, and knew he was in my class in my school, and stuck with him to talk about certain things about class. He smiled at me the hole way as if I were precious to him. I spent four hours there until my mother called for me, and I swarmed my way back to the pond.
    "What were you doing out here?" She said after I was completely dry.
    "Oh, you know, birdwatching and such." I smiled at her, and she frowned, then shrugged and told me it was time for dinner. I will never forget that afternoon meeting everyone. It surprised me Jerry was merfolk, but I had no doubt of going back. But for now...It's my little secret.