• You may count me as someone of unimportance and harmlessness,

    but I am the one who can make you want to tear your eyes out or cry out of glee.

    You could call me a nighthawk as well,

    for when I come out that is all I see.

    If you want, I can help you with your problems,

    it all depends which gate I come out of.

    The one of ivory or the one of horn?

    It's your pick.

    Alcyone could be of reference,

    for I have helped her with her out of obliviousness.

    Even with all this I still need some help,

    that is where my brothers fill in all of my gaps.

    Some like to depict gods with an object,

    with the King it’s a thunderbolt, and with his messenger it’s wings;

    but the poppy goes for my father and me.

    If it wasn’t for my father I would be useless,

    like a bird with no wings.

    Who am I?