• My name is Galiliahi Lindsey, and I hate thankdiving this is a list of why:
    1) My family is obnoxious
    2)I don't like stuffing, which is pretty much all we eat.
    3)I have to listen to one of the families A.K.A disfuctional families complain.
    4)I can't think with all the noise.
    5)Children under the age of 5 are running around the house screaming they're heads off which makes me want to explode.
    6)The last reason is because I just hate everything about the holiday.

    "Galilahi," I heard my mother calling from down the stairs, "Guest are arrivving."
    "Oh the joy," I said talking to myself once again, "Here we go," I put my auburn hair quickly into a pony tail.
    I threw on all of my black clothes that I thought would work for today. I came down the stairs plastering a fake smile on my face and greeeted the first guest. My Aunt Shannon, and Uncle troy with they're kids Dillon and Claire. Claire is little only about 9 months but, she can scream loud enough to think that she's been run over by a car. They hand me they're coats not bothering to say hi and I just staired after them, with a scowl starting to come onto my face.
    "Hi to you to," I muttered and carried they're freaking coats upstairs. I heard the doorbell ring it's loud chime to some it was a doorbell to me it was the sound of death calling me. If I didn't suffocate under coats I do believe it will be a miracle.
    Next to arrive were the disfunctional family member Allie mike and they're three kids who are all above the age of 18. They're name Mary, Joe, and Sara.
    'Kill me now I thought,' as soon as allie stepped threw the door she started to complain.
    "I need money,", "I need clothes," "s**t" and all the rest of the freaking crap that I gcould absoulutely care about. I took they're coats up the stairs and sighed.
    "It's going to be a long day," I said to myself.
    Once I got back downstairs this time an extremely large group of people arrived. The wagners, Kelly, Dale, their 3 kids Austin, Natile and lilly. The Chrits, Mel, Tom, Karen her boyfriend denis, Kevin, Gina with their 3 kids, Savannah, and Logan, aka boy genius. Or as I call him Smart a**
    They threw they're coats to me no one has asked me how
    I'm doing, nor have they said Hi to me. I took all theyre coats upstairs and almost fell over the only response I got and it wasn't out of concern was.
    "Be careful with those coats sweetly" Sara said,"My real fur," no wonder they don't have food to eat, they spend it on retarted stuff that I don't even have and I'm middle class.
    "Go to hell," I muttered picking up the ones I had dropped.
    "What was that?" Sara asked pleasently, her eyes fill ed with hatred and to think she used to be my favorite. Not anymore.
    "Go eat to freaking turkey," I said mimicking her im so innocent voice and continued stopping up the stairs. When I put those coats into the guest room, I entered my sanctuary of semi-silence peace. My room. When I entered my room I looked around. It had white walls and it's curtain's were black. My bed also had black covers and everything on it. My desk whicgh I inherited from my big sis Julie was the worst color of yellow imaginable. Neon ywllow. Luckiyl non of my siblings were coming for thanks giving gave me a little air to breath I have 1 brother and 3 sisters I'm the youngest. Yipee. Yuck worst poaition ever always ignored. After about 3 hours of reading, writting and playing my Ds I heard the clatter of plates and for once in my life I heard absoulutly noting which meant it was safe for me to get something to eat. Quickly, Quietly, and efficently I made my way downstairs and grabbed some foor. before I could be talked to I ran back up stairs and safely mad eit with nothing bad happening on my way back up. I set my plte on my desk and began to eat. Munch, Much, Munch.
    Not that it wasn't an extremely unhappiy thanking giving I just hate the holiday. I was completely ignored and no one talked to me even when I made the attempt. I'm the phantom of the family. A voice waiting to be heard. The best part is I can make my voice heard through my writting, thanks for listening to my ranting needed to get it all out of my system before tommorow.
    Your's truely
    Galilahi Lindsey(Yes that it my real name it's Cherokee. I'm 60% Cherokee, the rest of me is a great big mix of European. I'm the melting pot of America. LoL. Do you think I should like thanks giving? Answer my in comments.