• We gazed upon the beautiful horizon, listening to the sound of soft waves and seagulls. I leaned gently on his right shoulder. We sat in absolute silence on the top of my house roof -- it felt nice. I knew there will never be another moment in my life as calm and relaxing as this--yet alone a moment i'll ever be able to sit with this boy like this again.

    The sun slowly set, as the sky grew darker and darker. "Things ... are going to change, huh?" He said. I looked up at him, holding back my tears. "Y-yeah..."

    "Hey, take a look at the sky." I did as he told me to, and saw the beautiful mix of blue, purple, pink, and orange in the sky, blended into the giant clouds.

    "It's beautiful," I said in awe. He glanced at me, smiling, and pointed. "I'll always be watching you."

    Huh ...? Watching me, from the sky...?

    "Uhm, what do you mean by that?" I said with a worried look on my face.

    He nudged me slightly. "Don't feel sad, I'll visit you sometimes." I chuckled. "Sometimes? Why visit me sometimes when you should be visiting me all the time?"

    "Now how will I find the time and money for that?" He laughed. "I promise you, I will come back one day." He held out his pinky at me, and I slapped it. "Just a promise is enough."

    Ignoring me, he wrapped his fingers around my hand. "I promise." He leaned to kiss my forehead, and I got the warm feeling that he will return safely into my arms.

    But was I wrong?

    [Early Morning, 4:20 A.M.]

    I awoke suddenly from the slight sound of a crash. Quickly, I jumped out of my bed and rushed downstairs, worrying that something might have happened.

    The TV was on, in the darkly lit room. I found my older sister sitting on the couch, frozen, just staring at the TV.

    "Sis, what is it?" I said worriedly. My mother came rushing down as well. "What happened?"

    Slowly, I walked over to her and saw the broken pieces of glass, shattered across the rug. I looked up at the TV in shock.

    Plane crash. 97 people killed. 12 injured.


    It's been 5 years now. You promised you would come back for me, but you broke that promise just like that. As of this moment, I am sitting on the same spot on the roof that we sat on that evening 5 years ago ... staring at that same sky. You said you'll be watching me, didn't you? Are you watching me right now?

    I smiled. What am I thinking?

    He's right here beside me ...

    Just like he always was.