• I woke up in complete sweat. I find that my hands are grabbing at my throat. I put them down. I look over at the clock on the bed table. It read 4:07am. I shake my head as though I could get rid of the nightmare right then and there. My heart beats came at fast paces. And my breathe in short gasps. I listen for a moment to the silence of my room. Then I tried to calm my heart and breathing. When I finally got calmed down, I think of why I was so sore and could barely sit up. Then I remembered all of yesterday. Oh that, I thought bitterly. Well at least it was saturday, the begining of spring break. At that I smiled a little, the nightmare slightly forgotten. But when I go back to lying down, it all just comes rushing back like a tornado. I have to get some sleep for tomorrow. Or else I won't be ready. So knowing there was a possibility that the nightmare might come back, I close my eyes and go to sleep.
    In the morning I got up to a pretty good day, for that I didn't have the nightmare again, my soreness almost gone, and I'm all ready for spring break. Spring break is probably my favorite holiday, you could say. It was peaceful, and where it was nice and sunny outside to where you can play. The warth of the sun, the smell of fresh air, the feeling of being free of everything in your life. It was escape. And its always been that way to me ever since I was little.

    "Brad!" I got of my thinking and look down the stairs to see Dad waiting for me."Come on, lets get this show on the road!" Dad smiled a big, white smile.

    I smiled back. The family was excited. Every year, on spring break, we go camping. It may sound boring to you, but it's actually a whole lot of fun. Sing camp fire songs, see all the animals out in the sunlight and also moonlight, and the best is to lay out and watch the stars in the sky. Its so cool and you can see them better out in the woods because the lights in the city just block them out. I love the sky at night. Its just seeing all those stars, sometimes thinking you can count them all, and it just makes you think about all the stuff thats happened in your life, and about the future ahead. I love it.

    I run down the stairs, with all mys bags, and follow Dad out to the van. It's a pretty descent, white van. It had three rows of seats, the back row able to turn into a bed for the long trips. We've had it for a pretty long time. Anyway, Dad and I put all the bags in the trunk and hop in with Mom and Chad.

    "Man this is soooo going to be great." Chad murmured. Like I said before he doesn't really show emotion, but right now excitement was basicly written all over his face.

    "I agree brother, I sooo agree." I replied. It was going to be great, but the thing was I have a bad feeling, a gut feeling, and its making me feel quesy. And as we started driving closer to our destination it got worse. Something bad was going to happen. But.....What? That I didn't have a clue. For once I dreaded going camping.