• ’’ I think we should go back now. “”We just got in scaredycat and it’s not that bad. “ Charijel couldn’t turn down a dare but TJ… They just got a dare to go into the abandoned house or so called ’’haunted house “and take something useless. ”There has to be a reason way no one stepped foot in this house in years…ghosts probably because there’s a cemetery in the back yard. “”GHOSTS?? “TJ shaked a bit but Charijel barely seemed to notice. ”Hey a broom “Charijel hopped on it and acted like she was a witch.” Char let’s just grab something and leave, I bet the others are waiting. “”Okay JT, “Charijel looked around the room for something to take. She got two twin cat statues and handed one to TJ.
    They ran outside the house and saw a sad but usual sight. ”They left us, why do we even try to fit in with the popular people? “” I don’t know TJ… I don’t want to be left out, “Charijel held the necklace TJ gave her when she was little and thought about the reason she even tried.”So, since they left us let’s go back in shall we? “”No Char, I won’t. “ Charijel gave him her”really? “look.”Bye then, “Charijel started to walk toward the abandoned house.” Don’t go back in there. “She spinned around so quickly that she nearly lost her balance,”Come with me so you can protect me, my knight in shining armor. “
    ’’Shut up! I’ll go in! “TJ rubbed his necklace for good luck. (It’s the one that connects to Charijel’s. When they are connected they make a frog and when it’s turned over, it’s a dissected frog.) They walked back into the house just waiting for something to happen. ”Hey, do you hear something, JT “” Stop playing me Char. “”I’m serious, I hear something. “ TJ stopped to listen,” I hear bubbling. “”It’s coming from upstairs. “” Char, your prince can’t tame the dragon so let’s go. “” The dragon won’t hurt you…TJ can we stop talking like this. “TJ nodded,”Let’s just go up already, because we always go your way. “
    They climbed the stairs slowly expecting something to pop out. ”It’s in the bathroom “Charijel opened the door and there was a sight that many people would never see…”What the heck-“”It’s only nasty looking water “”It’s bubbling JT!! “Charijel put her hand in the water but it wasn’t coming out when she tried. ”Help! “TJ pulled her other arm though the more he pulled the more her hand went deeper and eventually it went all the way to her shoulder.” It’s sucking me in!!! “”We should have never came back Char “”Focus TJ, I need your help to get out. “
    Tears flowed down Charijel’s cheeks like a river.” Don’t cry Char, I’m going to get you out some how “
    Charijel’s head was about to go in the water.” I will miss you! “”What are you saying Char, I’m going to help you, “TJ screamed but it was too late because Charijel’s body was pulled into the water."Charijel! “TJ panicked and searched in the water for Charijel. He was hoping that the tub would gobble him up like his best friend but nothing happened.” No this can’t happen, it’s absurd. “This thought fainted away when he remembered that Charijel was gone. crying