• I yawned and stretched out my arms waiting for my morning call from my annoying sister. "Alison!!!" Screamed my sister. I walked out of bed towards my sister's room but she wasn't there. I walked over to the bathroom to take a shower, but of course my dad was in there. So I went down the stairs to the kitchen and grabbed a Chocolate Danish made with love from my mom. At least thats what she says. "Ally! Where are you?!" Shouted my sister. "In the... Home theatre." I responded, lying. "How was sleep, honey?" Asked my mom in that calm voice of hers. "Eh. Good?" I walked away before she could say anything else. My sister, Katharine smashed into my and started crying her squeaky little cry. And at that I heard my mother's footsteps. Katherine stole my danish and ran to her room. "Honey." Said my mom calmer than ever. I was silent. "Honey why do you have to taunt your sister?" "I DON'T!!!!!" scream I shouted obviously upset. "Ok. Calm down. Just get ready for school." I stomped away and walked to Kathy's bathroom which i hate using. At school I browsed around for my best friend, Anntonette. I was very jealous of her name. Than I felt a push on my shoulder and it was Dayona the "so called" popular star of all of the world. "Hello Madison." Dayona said in her high, formal voice.
    "ITS ALISON!" I said nearly screaming.
    "What Ever"
    "Look. Have you seen Anntonette?"
    "Who? OH! The nerd?"
    "NO! Nevermind. Bye." I tried to run away but she pulled me back.
    "Before you go-"
    I wouldnt let her finish her sentence. I ran off, bumping into Anntonette.
    "HI! I was looking for you!" Said Anntonette in her sweet small voice.
    "OK. Ok. Lets just get to lunch!" I responded.
    We walked over to the white, messy, crowded lunch room. The second i looked up at the lunch line it was oddly short. I looked around the lunch room awhile, than i saw it! Not an it a who! She was the more popular than Dayona, even if there name is similair... It was Dakota Nammy! The pop Actress/singer that the school kept buzzing about.
    "OMG! Toni! Check out the short line!" I said.
    "Lets go before Ms.Nammy gets there and so does the whole school!" She responded.
    Obviously we weren't HUGE fans of Dakota Nammy.
    Once we found a crowded table nowhere near Dakota And Dayona we started talking about something cooler than the Actress/Singer. We started to talk about the school mystery.
    There was a tale about a dead student who roams the halls of this High School. Her name was MaryAnne Lou who loved to play kickball. But one day at recess when she kicked the ball so high and far she ran to get it and never ever came back. 3 days later they found her dead body on the recess field on the spot she stood when she kicked the ball.
    We were so happy when Dakota left the school and she brought the school with her. (Including teachers) So school was over to hours early. I went over to Toni's house and we figured out how we would figure out the mystery. And luckily the next day was a perfect day to do it.
    When it was Saturday Toni and i went to school. And we knew the doors would be locked so we snuck through the girls bathroom window. It was disgusting. When we were both in, we heard crying so we both jumped up. When we peeked in the stall where the crying was we saw..........

    To be Continued.