• I opened my closet to find a pearl white refrigerator that I know contains packets of blood…

    I woke up to Emma jumping on my bed. She was laughing insanely, “What? Whats so funny?” She looked like a little kid excited for something.
    “I just haven’t laughed in a while then I turned on the tv and this commercial came on and I started laughing!”
    I chuckled, “Oh Okay Ems.”
    She calmed herself down and stood up, “Get up! We’ve got to get to the library!” She is a book fanatic.
    “Okay! Give me thirty minutes, make some toast or something.”
    “Okay.” She darted out my door. I loved how she lives in her own bubble, like at times nothing can disturb her way of life. I walked to my closet and pulled out a red shirt and a black leather jacket. I pulled on my dark jeans and did my make up. My nails were already painted black and I put on my sunglasses and left my room. I passed Emma, “Lets go!” She passed me quickly and by the time I got to the car she was buckled up. My car was locked, I unlocked it and got in. I shut the door and started the car, “How did you get in my car?”
    “Silly, you gave me a key so you would have a key no matter what.”
    “Huh.” I drove to the library and she practically jumped out as soon as she saw the building. I parked the car and got out. I felt as if someone was watching me, I looked around me. I shook my head and continued into the building. I walked down an isle where anime books were. I looked at them and pulled one out after another. I noticed that guy with black hair and red tips looking at me. He was sitting down with a book covering his face except his eyes. I met his eyes and stared at him, no doubt looking dead. Emma was in line with stacks of books. I walked next to her, “Look! They are selling some books…they’re perfect for our…erm topic.” I nodded and I trailed after her as she walked out. I handed her my key, “Hey Ems, take this start the car and drive to the coffee shop…I’ll meet you there.”
    “Um, sure…okay.” I put the key on her stacks and she put everything in the car, she started it and drove. Soon a guy emerged from the bushes, I had expected the black hair guy to come but he didnt. He grabbed his cellphone and started to walk. He was talking to someone. I strained my ears to hear what he said, “No, she is driving with a girl. She is pulling into the coffee shop’s parking lot. Bye.”
    He hung up and turned around and found me right there. I smiled and waved, “Following me?”
    “Uh..” I punched him, “Tell my father I can handle myself.”
    I stepped over him and continued walking. I stopped and turned around to see him starting to get up, “You a vampire, or what?”
    “Werewolf. Dice thought I could help.”
    “Your dad’s nickname.”
    “Don’t follow me.”
    “Im probably not the only, he is serious about you.”
    I nodded, “Its better for you not to get involved. Tell my dad I don’t need help.” The guy just nodded and ran away. I walked into the coffee shop and Emma was sitting down with two cups in front of her. I sat down, “Did you see the guy my dad hired to protect me?”
    “Yeah… he really cares doesn’t he.”
    I shrugged and drank out of the cup in front of me, “EW! Ems, you know I would want coffee.”
    She laughed, “I know but tea is good for you.”
    “I know I know.” I wiped my lip gloss off the top and took a sharpie out of Emma’s purse and wrote Ben’s Drink on it. She laughed and I put the sharpie in my pocket, “Hey! That’s mine.”
    “You got me tea.” I walked to the bathroom and when I came out I walked to Emma, “Im gunna get some coffee. Want anything?”
    “Hm, yeah a bagel.” I nodded and walked over to the counter.
    A girl with a perky smile started talking to me, “ Hi welcome to Starbucks, my name is Beccy. Im sorry but my shift just ended but my filler is putting on his apron.” I smiled, “Okay.”
    Then black hair guy was there, “Hey park girl. What do you want.”
    I had no emotion, “Its Jayne. One large coffee and um two bagels. One with honey the other with cream cheese.”
    “Alright Jayne, that will be five fifty.”
    I handed him a ten and he gave me my change.”
    He started making the drinks, “Ya, know you need to be wearing a name tag.”
    “No, actually we don’t.”
    I looked at him, pasty complexion and the room was dark with no windows. Like a basement. I looked around and then came back on him. Of course, he works here because it has no windows. He is hired from my father. I whispered so low no human could hear, “Im so dumb.”
    He looked at me, “Why do you say that? You look smart.”
    I smirked, “So its true.” I leaned over the counter and whispered, “You’re a vampire.”
    “Yeah, you think?” He put my order on the counter and walked past me outside in the bright sun. No ashes, no shimmers on the skin. I don’t understand. He is so mysterious! I gave Emma the car keys and the bagels. I walked out with my coffee, “So what are you?”
    He laughed, “Lets walk.” I followed him and he started to talk as I drank my coffee, “Dice hired me to follow you, I am part vampire. But I am part werewolf.” I looked at him wide eyed, “But im not the cross-bread king. I just have the same traits. Ive lived for one hundred and twenty years. I started working for the immortals ten years ago. When I got dice’s call I accepted because most don’t trust me. Now that Ive told you about me, tell me about you.”
    “Two best friends, Emma and Ben. Im sixteen, I have father issues. Was immortal now im the keeper of the secret and my ex boyfriend is a complete jerk in my eyes.”
    He nodded and looked at me. I turned to him and started walking backwards. He just looked at me, “Why where you honest about tracking me?”
    He blinked his eyes like he was in a deep thought, “I don’t know I just slipped I guess.” He shrugged it off, “No, there is something, you’re a vampire so you keep your scerets safely…if that makes sense.”
    He stared at me and stopped abruptly. He turned around and spoke quickly, “I just told you. That’s it, ive got to go…that girl that was with you is worried.”
    “Huh?” He was already gone. I shrugged and walked to the parking lot to find Emma searching the streets intently with her eyes. She relaxed as I came into her sight. When I reached her she was in the car. I threw my cup out and got in the car.
    “Where did you go?”
    She probably knew, “Talked to a tracker that my dad hired…wait two trackers.”
    She nodded, “Maybe, you should call your dad…wait. You need to at least call your aunt.”
    She was right of course, “I don’t know, I want to see a help or…something.” I felt her eyes on me, not doubt full of worry, “Im just being paranoid, haha don’t worry.” I looked at her and smiled. She let it go quickly and smiled. I felt my heart sink a little, I have always wanted someone to realize when I was lying and say its okay you can tell the truth. Emma does this every so often. We reached the house and Emma got out with her books and I sat there looking at the house. The house I once loved, the house I felt safe in, the house that was my home. The house that was the one stable thing in my life, but now it looked as if it was withered and was being worn down by what has happened. In a way it resembled me. Looking as best as it can but no one really seeing how it looks. I wonder if it is time for me to let it go. Just let Emma have it, and buy a little house of my own. I mean Im graduating next year. Ill let my father buy it, a birthday present for me. He will be happy to hear from me, to buy me something I’ll enjoy. Or maybe I’ll take some money from him and buy it myself. I got out and walked inside. I went straight to the phone and dialed my father’s number after three rings an alert voice picked up, “Yes? Hello?”
    “Father, I need money.”
    “Jayne? Are you okay? Oh im so happy you called. Whats the money for?”
    “Fine. Whatever. Just for something, it can be a birthday present from you.”
    “Oh, yes your birthday is next month! Ah, yes darling how much. You name the amount and you can have it. Im glad to hear from you!”
    Big mistake, “Oh how about a million?”
    “Haha, fine how about five hundred thousand.”
    “Its not that I don’t have those amounts of money but-”
    “See, you can live forever, I cant. Let me enjoy this. Plus, I’ll have to meet you in person to get the money.”
    That lured him in, “Oh alright…” It took him a moment but he finished, “At the house in an hour.”
    “Okay. Bye.”
    I clicked the phone and went up to my room. Once inside I yelled for Emma, “EMS, COME HERE!”
    She walked in a moment later, “Yeah?”
    “You can have the house, Im moving out as soon as I find a place.”
    Her eyes buged out, “What? Why?”
    She remained calm, “Ems, this house is part of my past, and I love most of my past but its time for me to move on. To get serious about my responsibilities. Either you can have the house or move to a condo with me.”
    She looked at the walls, “I want the study…but ill go with you…I guess.”
    I nodded, “Pack. Now.”
    “HUH?! Why now?”
    “I told you as soon as I find a place, which will be today.”
    “Why are you trying so hard?”
    “I need to… Ems, its just something I need to do.”
    She nodded and walked away. I grabbed my two huge suitcase from under my bed. I knew these would come in handy. I pulled my clothes I wanted out and stuff I need and couldn’t live without. Then my bedding in the other topping it with towels and other little things. I trudged down stairs with the suitcases and placed them by the door. I grabbed trash bags and went through the rooms taking little things that I loved out of them. It all filled one bag. There was a knock at the door. I went and opened it to see my father standing there, “Hi. You got the money?”
    “Come outside for a moment to speak with me.”
    I stepped out to see Carter on my lawn, no expression, “What?”
    “I’ll give you a bank account where I will deposit about twenty thousand a month if you remain contact with me and this here Mr. Carter. You will not hurt him and will let him help you. You will call me at least once a month. Deal?”
    I looked at him and then at Carter, “Alright. Im moving out so is Emma, destroy this, sell it I don’t care. Im moving out today.”
    Carter walked forward, “The Immortals own an apartment complex…no immortal lives there…well I do but im sure they will let you move in.”
    “Jayne, that’s a very good offer.”
    I rolled my eyes and went back to my years were I hated when I was told to do something I didn’t want to, “I want to pick a place myself. Beside the apartment probably wont be the one I want.”
    I smirked and my father started, “Just look at it.”
    I walked to my car and started it. Carter and my father were ahead. I followed them and deiced to make this an impossible thing. We arrived at the apartment complex and I had to admit it looked beautiful. White with blue doors. Each apartment had a window in the front. I parked and silently walked to the front service room. Carter walked to the back and a minute later came out with a huge cardboard and placed it on the desk. It had lined rooms and a huge one looked appealing, “That one. I don’t even care anymore.” My father smiled and wrote a check and handed it to Carter. He handed me a key, “I need two.” He grabbed another and handed it to me. I walked out and went back to the house. Emma was running around franticly grabbing things she needed. Ben awoke to her running around and me just standing there watching, “What the…what’s going on?”
    Emma stopped, “Oh we’re moving today.” She turned to me and I handed her the key and she grabbed her stuff and started loading things, “How long was I asleep?”
    “Oh I deiced it this morning and just went and got an apartment…sorry you weren’t involved.”
    He shrugged and heaved up and stretched, “I’ll take these out.”
    I looked at the house it’s the last day here. I knew I would miss parts but in the long run its good I moved, even though a basically stalker was living there, my dad paid for it, and immortals own the hotel.
    I walked out of the house and put my sunglasses on and put the rest in the car. We all got in the car and headed to the new place…