• Mike sighed.Laying on his bed he looked up at the cieling. 'please tell me Chelsy is sick today.' Chesly is his girlfriend,and loves to brag about it.He gets up and gets dressed.Mike is a football player.As a wide reciever that made 70 touchdowns in his time of 8th grade till hes a softmore is not only an amazing thing,but a horrible thing. Jake is the team quaterback,Jake was a part in thanking for all the touchdowns. When Mike was in 8th grade and he scored his first touchdown,people thought he was a cheat,reason,Mike ran too fast for people to takle him. Jake stood up for him and said,'he got the team far and square!' Mike started walking when Chelsy poped up and said "HI MIKE!" Mike forced a smile and said "hi." Chelsy started talking about how she saw the "new girl" was ugly. 'anyone is ugly to her mind' then he saw the new girl and he stopped while was looking at her. Chelsy kept pokking him and saying"MIKE SALAR DOWARD!!!! YOU BETTER NOT EVEN BE THINKING OF HER!!!" Mike heard Jake yell"mike get over hear!!! hurry someones hurt!" Mike ran while Chelsy knew exacly what was going on. She started walking over to the new girl and looked at her and said"so whats your name?" the new girl said "im Angela." then Chelsy said "well Angela,are you thirsty?" Angela said" umm,kinda." Then Chesly said" WELL HAVE A FRUIT PUNCH!!!!" And Chelsy punched Angela right in the chest. Mike however came in and saw her punch Angela. Mike stood there dazed. 'thats it!' Then a teacher came and Watched as a teacher asked the into the office. Then he looked at Mike and Jake and said "come in as well,please." so Mike and Jake walked into the office and sat down. The Teacher Looked at Chelsy and said "what happend?" Chesly said "well I asked angela if she was thirsty,and she said she wanted a fruit punch.then she punched me in the chest." Then the teacher asked "what's your side of the story?" Angela said "Chelsy asked me if i was thirsty and i said,kinda,then she said 'well how bought a fruit punch' and she punched me." The Teacher asked Mike and Jake who was right,and at the speed of light both looked at angela and said"Angela's the one telling the truth." Later in the halls Chelsy ran up to Mike and said
    "WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!?!?" Mike said "you punched her and get away from me!" Mike shoved her away,Chelsy ran to Mike and said "c'mon,you know it,i was self defessing!"Mike turned and said " look,i know you!all you care about is popularity!"Chelsy smiled and said "no,i just dont want you going out with an a*****e." Mike said " i already am!oh wait nevermind cause i think i just dumped you!"and Jake ran in and said "mike! your running late for practice!" Mike walked with Jake and told him about what happend. After practice. he was walking when he saw Angela standing there listining to her I-POD. Mike stopped by her and said" hi,Whatcha listening to?" Angela pulled off her earbuds without looking at mike.Then said " Whatcha Say." Mike said" cool, im Mike" and Angela looked at him and gasped as she dropped her books. Mike and her bent down and started picking up the books. She said"well why dont you go to your girlfriend?" Mike said "what girlfriend?I dumped her." And Angela said "oh." As she walked away Mike shouted "do you have a boyfriend?" Angela stopped and turned around and said "no,i never ask anyone out." and mike ran up to her and said "well,you wont have to ask this one,cause hes gonna ask you out." And so,Mike and Angela started dating,when homcoming came.Mike told Angela to stand on the playfeild with the players and coaches. And towards the end the score was 77-77 with Mikes team had the ball. Jake called the play. And Mike ran,as fast as he could.Jake threw the ball and.........Mike caught it!!! He ran and scored! the buzzer goes off and Mike runs up to Angela and the kiss.Jake stands in the background and watches,chuckling.Chelsy gets furiouse and walks toward Mike. She screams at the top of her lungs "MIKE!!!! YOUR BOTH ASSHOLES!!!!!!!" Mike says "nah,you are"and him and angela walk off.Angela blushing.