• "Whachyou got?" asked Ryan the next day.
    "Um, depends really what your referring, too. I've got five bucks for lunch and an old detention that's been rotting in my pocket for six weeks".
    "Nice. No really, prom is coming up and we're supposed to play".
    "Why are you telling me this?"
    "Because you're writing our songs!!!" Ryan exclaimed.
    "Riiiggghhht. Right right right. Wow. Completely blew my mind. I'll get back to you on that", Everest said and hastily picked her bag up from the bench and began walking down the hall in a leisurly pace.
    "Evy!" Ryan called after her. He jogged up to her and grabbed her arm. "Look. This is extremely important. To Amber, to Mike - " he nodded at Mike who was flirting with a clique of girls with his absurd armpit-farting technique. "To me".
    "Look, I know, I got this. Chill out, dude. Don't go crazy-crapped-up-insane-stalkerish-baboon on me, please? Okay. Good. Moving on. Did you study for the history test today?"
    "Cool 'cause I was planning on calling home sick today at like twelve so I can miss it, but if you just wrote me up a little answer sheet that would be spectacular".
    "That would be the eighth answer sheet this month!"
    "I know. Seriously, these teachers need to get a life! How do they expect us to study for each and every test they hurl at us. Completely below the belt".
    "Your pushing it", Ryan warned.
    "Look, Ryan", Everest thought deeply for a minute. "Okay, I'll get you the twenty more bucks you need to buy a new guitar case".
    "I'll get you the answers by study hall", he said, high-fiving her and backing down the hall and into a bunch of girls that swarmed around him like an enveloping beehive. Where would she get twenty dollars? Then Everest saw Amber round the corner and approached her.
    "Hey, Evy".
    "Hey, Ambi. By any chance do you have like twenty bucks on you?"