• ---------------------Night------------------------

    Night hoisted himself into a sitting position. He had been reading the book his best friend, Scott, had given him. It was some sort off odd graphic novel that had no storyline and a lot of gore, but it was easy to get lost in. He glanced at the small digital clock he had on his night table, beside his bed. 12:34. He looked around his room. It was dark. He had a lamp on his night table he had turned on hours ago, so he hadn't really missed the light. It was late, and he thought to himself idly; I should probably go to sleep. But that was the part he hated the most. Falling asleep. Sighing with a sad edge, he tucked himself into his blue and black plaid comforter and attempted to get into a comfortable position, fidgeting. Closing his eyes warily, he fell asleep quickly.

    Night almost gasped in surprise, like he always did. He was in a car. He always was. He prayed. Maybe this time, maybe she'll...but no. He glanced to his right, to the passengers side of the car. Yup. Just like always. There was Melinda, sitting there, staring forward. He had to smile at seeing her, even if she wasn't responding to his presence at all. He still loved her existing. He didn't bother looking forward, because he knew it wouldn't change a thing. He looked out the drivers side window. Everything was fuzzy, but he made out a Burger King...Garage...Grocery Store...he felt nauseous. He tasted alcohol, which made him feel sicker. He felt so stupid, this had been such a mistake. He then saw what he was dreading the most; the truck. He stole one more quick glance at Melinda before shutting his eyes, preparing for impact.

    He woke up sweating and with a small scream. His parents didnt panic and get alarmed anymore, they just shut their door at night. Still tired, Night shook his head in pain at the repeat of what had happened 3 months ago. He had been so in love, so ready to commit to her completely, but then he ruined her life, and his. She was now in a coma with close to zero of a chance of revival, and he was left broken. At least he had Scott. He grabbed his phone.


    "Yes, Night?" Scott said, whispering. It was early, and he assumed Night had just woken up to make his daily phone call, sort of his therapy. "Of course I knew it'd be you!" He said, smiling. From Nights tone of voice, he could tell Night wasn't smiling. He felt himself sigh. He felt so bad for Night, and he had missed Melinda too, but he wondered if he would ever recover. He admitted to himself how much he would do for Night to get better, mentally, and then scolded himself. He had a girlfriend, after all. He had only like Night when he was...what, 8? He hadn't really grasped the 'right way' things went. He knew now. Involuntarily he winced, remembering how much him mother (Christian hag from hell) had beat him when he even mentioned a bisexual buddy he had made his first year of high school, 3 years ago.
    " Hunh? Oh, yeah i'm here. Listen, I think my moms awake. I have to go..." Scott said to Night, feeling guilty about being cruel, especially when he heard the crestfallen tone in his best friends voice. He hung up the phone and left him room to make breakfest for his mother.

    -----------------------Night ------------------------

    Night clapped his shiny green cellphone shut, jingling the Santa Claus charm he had put there in Grade 8. It had been a gift from his girlfriend. He walked out of his room, and looked at the clock. 7:21... 7 in the morning...on Saturday? He seriously needed to do something about his sleeping habits. "Hey mom, dad..." He said off-handishly to his parents, who were sipping expensive coffee that tasted like crap at the kitchen table. "Good morning, Night!" His mother said happily. She had bags under her eyes, and she didn't look very healthy. He felt sorry for his parents for giving birth to him.
    The phone rang, and his tired father walked to go and get it. "That's odd, who would go and call at this time of the morning..." His voice had 2 layers, the one he was obviously trying to focus on curious and lively, but the undertone tired and not caring. "Hello?" Night sat down with his bowl of Fruit Whirls. His fathers voice was loud and annoyed. "What!? Of course, we'll get right down there..." His expression was startled. "Yeah. Thanks. G'bye."
    "Get dressed and into the car, Night. Sarah, you come upstairs with me." Night obeyed, curious. What was going on? Watching as his parents walked upstairs, he took a bite of his cereal and climbed downstairs to get changed.


    "Mom, you dont understand, shes my friend, I NEED to go!" he pleaded. His mother was meriless though, and her face was like stone. " If you NEED to go, as you put so rudely, walk there." Scott stared into his mothers eyes with pure hate. How could he get to the hospital in time? He couldnt call Night...he wouldn't be able to tell him this...information. Wait- he knew who to call. He went to the phone and called Nights parents.


    He realized his dad was driving to Scotts house halfway there. The thing he didnt know, however, was why. Myabe they had to rescue him from his insane mother? He almost giggled. When htye drove up to his house, he saw Scott sitting lonely on the sidewalk. His face softened. He looked so....vulnerable. The car pulled up smoothly beside Scott, and Scotts face brightened. His mouth smiled, but his eyes didnt. Night opened the car door on the side opposite from him, and Scott got in the back seat beside him, not saying a word. Night was curious, of course, but the mood told him not to say a WORD. He just decided to smile warmly at Scott, maybe trying to be comforting,and look down awkwardly when his smile was returned with a solemn mouth-smile.


    Night didnt know. Scott knew his parents didn't have the guts to tell their son what had happened. What was happening. It would just be too painful. Suddenely, Night spoke. "So, what are we doing? You know, going to see Melinda might be a good idea. She could recover....right?" Night looked hopeful. Scott could tell that Night suspected something...they were on their way to the hospital now, and maybe Night was in some sort of denial stage? Scott wanted to understand, to comfort, but Night didn't tell him much, not since Melinda got in her coma anyway. Those days were so horrible. Scott had a flashback of one day when Night had come over to his house, and they had gone to the park near it to hang out.

    "...Scott...." Night said quietly, softly. "Mhmm?" Scott said excitedly, he was sucking on a cherry lollipop, trying to hang onto monkey bard as long as he could. He stared slightly disapprovingly at Night, who was standing and barely reaching for the monkey bars. Night was so tall, him being a basketball player was so understandable. Scott looked at himself. Thin and wiry, it was his friendship with Night that kept him 'protected'. He would call himself handsome, but he was too shy to do anything about looks he may or may not possess anyway.
    "Melinda....and....her condition...' Night choked. 'Its my fault, isn't it?" His face was hidden by his long black hair, but Scott knew he was probably crying. "It wasn't just your fault, Night. It was just a freak accident, the guy in the truck was breaking the rules too, wasn't he?" Scott offered, hoping to be helpful. " You say 'Breaking the rules' ...they say he was, but I was driving under the influence. How stupid am I?" His voice sounded worse now, and Scott longed to pull Nights hair out of his face, to stare and get lost in his chocolate brown eyes...he wanted to comfort...
    Stupid gay genes. His mother always blamed those on her father in law. Scott always thought his mother was the devil incarnate. " No use crying over spilt milk, right?" Scott smiled with what he hoped was a bright, happy smile. His voice must have made an impression too, because Night glanced over at Scott, face tear-streaked, and smiled back.


    Stupid Night. Stupid, stupid Night. That was what was running through his own mind as he felt himself crying. Here he was, in a PUBLIC place, crying. Pathetic. He looked at Scott, who was smiling brightly, and felt comforted. Scott was such a good friend, always there for him. Sometimes when Night looked at Scott, he was just amazed. He had such an unfortunate family yet he was always happy, always smiling, why was that? Night made a mental note to ask him sometime. When the 'accident' first happened, Night was tempted to kill himself. But he didn't. Why? Scotts' happy smile was always there to pull him through.

    -End of Flashback-


    Scott dreaded pulling into the hospital. He didn't know how Night would react to Melindas parents desicion. Scott could tell Night was extremely curious, but not asking questions. He was probably anxious too. Scott frowned.


    Night was panicking. What the hell, what the hell, what the hell! Why was Night just rushed to the hospital? It couldn't be a family member in emergency, could it? Then....Scott, why would Scott be here? That doesn't make any sense. Scott was frowning...why was Scott frowning? It....couldn't be Melinda, could it? No; Night told himself. Not Melinda. It couldnt be Melinda. He followed his family to the elevator, and he was sweating. He knew the floor they were going to. He knew the room. He just didnt want to. He just didnt want to know why. He fell into the attitude he had used as a foolproof shield for the last 3 months. Silent and miserable.


    Nights face changed. Crap. Scott knew this was bad. Night had fallen into the level of avoiding contact with people. He was unresponsive. The small group walked into Melindas room, and saw her parents, her little sister, and her little brother. All 4 of them had red faces, crying, and Scott sympathized with them. Melinda was rendered braindead, and wasnt going to recover. Scott and Nights parents knew this, but nobody had the heart to tell him. He probably already figured it out for himself. Night hadnt said anything, like everyone else, and his face was emotionless, like a marble statue. Scott glanced at Melindas parents. They were completely broken, as expected, because they decided to cut her 'lifeline' loose. They didnt think she'd enjoy being dead weight.

    -------------------------------------Night POV----------------------------

    I saw my parents talking to Melindas parents, they were asking if Scott and I could have a 'moment' with Melinda. Like it would matter, she couldnt understand us. What were those freaks smoking, she'd never be able to communicate again. Ever. Not only that, but they were killing her and shipping her organs to some random people? And her heart...it was supposed to be mine, wasnt it? Im going insane. These people are pissing me off. I am tired of this. If I dont get out of this soon, by some miracle, ill be over.


    Night and I were sitting by the hospital bed, staring at the lifeless Melinda. How sad. Night was unresponsive. Scott thought something, then felt horrible about it ; I love him. Its horrible, but I think im in love with my best friend. He most likely blushed thinking about it. "Night, I know...its hard, but...you have to let go of her. Dont hate me, but...I dont want you getting really hurt." Scott said this almost silently. Night nodded. " Good bye. I love you. So, so much." Scott barely heard it, but he heard it. Night had uttered these words. Scott smiled. "Bye Melinda. Have...a good one." Scott said this quietly and awkwardly. Night looked over at Scott. His eyes had tears in them, but he was smiling. "I just had to say goodbye." Night said, to Scott this time. Night got up, and Scott followed. Scott knew that deep down, Night was finally ready to let go.

    ------------------------------------Night POV----------------------------------------

    Wow, I cant believe it. Scott and I just....graduated. Graduated. Wow, the word sounds amazing. Im so physched. Him and I are going to the afterparty single, but thats alright. I've actually been kind of scared recently, to tell the truth....I feel strange. I dont really like any girls, which is strange for me. I have always like someone...But no matter how many girls I look at, nothing really catches my eyes. Well....something did catch my eye, but...

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