• Kalla pulled the blanket high abover her arms and let it drop on the floor. It was practically a burning inferno in the library. Matt sighed and sat down next to her.
    "Do you... believe, Bethna? I mean, what she said about us?" Matt asked after a too-long moment of silence. Kalla took a second before she answered.
    "That would certainly explain that night in the woods." she whispered. Matt looked at her with pain in his eyes. That was the day of inspection. "Sigh, it felt... wierd, when we kissed. Almost, -I feel so stupid saying this, but- it felt like it was... dangerous. Not right." Kalla frowned and Matt could tell this saddened her. For a very odd reason this gave him great pleasure. It made him happy that she felt this bad that thier first kiss had felt that way. He sighed.
    "Well, after that, when we were on the path, something-or someone- was in the wood next to you. It looked kind of... eerie. Black, stringy cloak, very thin hands... almost looked like bones. I wasn't too worried, but-" Kalla cut him off.
    "That's why you 'accedently' dropped your wallet, and then went to the other side of me?" she asked fondly. She was excited he cared about her so much.
    "Yeah." he said. Matt seemed scared, nervous. He put his arm around Kalla and pulled her close to him. They cared a lot about eachother, and nothing was breaking them apart. Matt paused. A small speck of sparkling white flew around a book shelf.
    "A fairy!" breathed Kalla.
    "What?" Matt looked oddly at the speck.
    "I can hear it." she mumbled, retreating from the coach. The twinkling object closed in on Kalla's finger, and Matt couldn't help wondering; How did she cope so well, so... 'seeingly', when truely she couldn't see anything at all?
    "Kalla, i think-" suddenly, the oak doors opened, and Bethna came in, scurrying franticly with a jar under her left arm.
    "I am so sorry!" she opened the lid and the fairy flew into the jar. "Limini doesn't listen too well. So, have you desided whether or not to believe me yet?" the old woman set the jar on the table and closed the curtains. Kalla nodded. Matt reluctantly followed her lead.