• tab "Link will never see it coming!!! We will slowly attack him.....HAHAHA" said Ganondorf. Bellum looked at him and was very happy with their plans. Bellum then sent his thoughts to Ganondorf, "We will steal the power of the gods by dawn.... Those stupid kids won't even see it coming! They will never stand a chance!" They both looked at each other with a very satisfied face as the Ghost Ship rocked side to side.
    tab Both Zelda and Tetra were sleeping, then they both woke up and whispered to the sky, "I sense danger coming to us. I must call Link!" Tetra woke up Link and Zelda told a messenger to sent a message to Link at Ordon Village. Midna and Navi went to Hyrule Castle because Zelda had called them by the help of the gods. Linebeck was called by Tetra and the Ocean King sensed danger too so he transported to the Ship.
    tab Zelda made Midna, Link and Navi to the dining room to discuss about her dream.,"There was a dark and cloaked man and a creature that had a weird shape of its body! Then they started laughing while they watched a fire burn a tall building! It was crazy." Midna then replied, "That's a bad sign! A cloaked mad and a creature. I sense pure evil in that description." "We must talk to sages. Their wisdom and power may help us!" Said Navi. They all agreed and prepared to go to the Sage Temple.
    tab I had this weird dream! There was a cloaked, dark and mysteriously looking man next to an oddly shaped creature laughing. Then the background had a burning building. I sensed danger to that scene so I called all of you." Tetra said, as she try to find a seat to sit on. The Ocean King replied, "We must go to the Spirit Island where we may get the answers to our worries!" Linebeck said, "Uhh......Fine!! I will man the ship and go forward to Spirit Island!" They all agreed and got prepared to head to the island.
    tab As they all went to find the answers they finally reached their by dawn, but by that time the dark cloud just started to loom over the island for Tetra and the rest. Then, Link and Midna started seeing dark clouds too, but loomed over the forests. Zelda saw somebody afar. It was Impa! Impa!What are you doing here?" Cried Zelda. "She went off her horse and replied, I was going to visit Hyrule Castle! I was going there because i got a message from the gods!"
    tab Zelda read the message on the scroll and it said, We sent this message to the girl who holds the triforce of wisdom and the boy who holds the triforce of courage. Evil is sensed in both demensions of our worlds. Between us and the other demension, evil aproaches to control both demensions for pure evil. We will give you these two necklaces, one for Link and one for you (Zelda). These necklace will help you transport between demension. If you need any help, just call us by whispering into the necklace. We wish you good luck."
    To be continued...........