• Things seemed to be changing rather quickly in the world. Some nations were getting along better who never had before, some nations were fighting who once had been friends; but in the house of Sweden, Finland, the micronation Sealand and the dog Hanatamago, nothing had really changed.
    Okay, a lie.
    Finland was washing dishes in the kitchen, humming a ever familiar lullaby, Sweden's this time, when his head started to spin slightly. He stopped for the moment, rubbing his head with one hand; it was little help since he only felt even worse. His stomach ached and he felt like he was going to throw-up; correction, just another moment later Finland ran out of the kitchen, pass the living room where Sweden sat reading the newspaper, and to the bathroom where every snack he'd eaten in the last few days he suspected, he knew he recognized the viili in there, went on a way trip out of him and into the toilet by way of the poor boys mouth. He groaned afterwards, feeling awful, sitting back so he was against a now-closed door; he heard knocks from the other side and a familiar grunt-like voice speak, "Tino? Y' 'kay?"
    "I'm fine Berwald!" he managed to barely yell back though the simple act of even speaking made his stomach tremble again. Oh well, there went lunch.
    Sweden on the other end wasn't convinced; he frowned and knocked again, greatly worried. His knuckles scraped a bit against the wood door as he called again, "Tino, y' d'n't s'und g''d; sh'ld I c'll a d'ct'r?"
    There was a hesitance; Finland breathed rather hard after the last one then spoke again, "no, I'm fine."
    He had to think he'd caught a cold; after all the nights he'd spend unclothed, especially that stormy one, all the time he'd spent outside lately, he thought it had only been fate. Just the small Nordic nations luck that he'd catch a stomach flu.
    He got up slowly and carefully, going to the sink to try and brush the horrid taste in his mouth away, glancing in the mirror at a strangely pale Finland; his blonde was mess on his head and he looked like he was sick.
    He sighed and took out his toothbrush and toothpaste just in time for the door to have been kicked in; he jumped a bit and looked at Sweden who looked at him then put his foot down and looked away, blushing, "s'rry, I w's w'rr'ed..."
    Finland blinked, confused, "um, o-okay."
    Sweden nodded then remembered his reason; he grabbed Finland forcefully by the collar, really not meaning to cause the boy to get frightened, he was just worried, "Tino, 're y' 'k'y?!"
    Finland's eyes widened in fright then something else before he groaned and pulled away to throw up again then collapse. That didn't exactly make Sweden any less worried; quite an opposite effect.

    Veneziano: really short chapter but I wanted to make it a multiple chapter story so it had to be.
    Kiku: poor Tino....
    Veneziano: so I'll write the second chapter to this after I finish The Pasta and the Moon.