• Cloudy suddenly felt stupid. Who threw themselve out the window? A stain glass one even! Crap....

    Cloudy flapped her arms wildly, in need of some wind to help her stay away from the beckoning hard ground below her. She glanced down, her purple eyes glittered in the sun's light, making her look menacing as her hair whipped around her head.

    The young destiny mage had never felt so alive, to be seen and to show herself for what she had been hiding forever, a lost memory....needing to be found and rescued.

    She felt pain race like circuits through her head as she failed to stay in the air, plummeting to the ground like a rock thrown in the air.

    Cloudy saw shed blood around her, she lashed her head around, her purple eyes wide with fear as she saw something snaking up her arm, twisting and squeezing it into her skin.

    Cloudy blinked. She was close to the ground, about maybe 40 feet, she guessed.

    Cloudy closed her eyes, wanting the pain to seep through her and let herself suffer, and than die as quick as possible.

    She felt a feather tickle her nose. Her eyes opened as she stared at her brown hawk.

    Cloudy had never felt so much pride for something else than herself. Her hawk, who she called Swift, had saved her from her death and the three freaks chasing after her.

    She could hear their footsteps pulsing in her head. "Good job, Swift." She whispered as she gripped the hawk's back.

    Swift was originally a small, unusual white hawk. The size of normal hawks. She was her link, her other life line. She had never seen, or sensed Destiny Mages like herself catching, or inviting animals to adventure with them, or hide in other words.

    Swift had come with her on her own will. She could hear the hawk talk to her, open her beak and speak out to her. She talked in English, Cloudy had found her in France, being tortured by teenagers.

    The Destiny Mage had never felt so much pain over a hurt, abused animal like Swift herself. She knew than, this hawk, was connected to her. She felt the hawk's pain and thoughts racing through her body and head when she had first seen the beautiful white hawk.

    Swift's orignal name was Silver of the Wind, named by her parents who had been killed by the same teenagers.

    Cloudy had been given permission by Swift to give her a new name, she called her old name a curse that's memory brought her pain.

    Cloudy suddenly felt everything stop as she remembered meeting the small, delicate hawk.

    "Haha! Killing this stupid hawk's parents were so much fun! Let's kill this one too!" Yelled a teenager, waving a long, dangerous wood stick.

    It was obvious they were drunk. Cloudy had sensed it long before she had encountered them. She had been fleeing from the "Emo People" who had followed her from her last hiding place in Europe.

    They had started a fire in the small village she had been hiding in.

    Horrible creatures they were. Seekers were among them.

    Cloudy remembered only than, spotting the small white hawk trying to fly away from were she had been trapped down by two teenager's feet.

    Cloudy felt pain rippling through her body like venom. Please.......help me...

    She had only heard these weak, pleading words as she heard the hawk crying out in pain. Cloudy felt a sharp pain in her arm.

    Cloudy decided she had to step out and stop the wild, drunk teenagers.
    She stepped out from the shadows from were she hid. Her purple eyes were filled with anger and rage, from which the emotion poured out of the hawk and into her heart.

    "Oh, well lookie here. You shouldn't be walking out at night, pretty ladies like you." A boy with an accent said, as he stepped toward her.

    Cloudy batted her eyelashes, hating the thought of flirting with a human. Her purple eyes seemed bright and aluring. She knew she was luring the sick human teenager toward her.

    The teenager's attention lifted from the hurt hawk below them as they stared at her, with sick thoughts going through their head.

    She didn't have to have to see her destiny. She knew it.

    The accented teenager reached out for her, trying to grasp her shoulders. Now!

    Cloudy had lashed out, knocking the air out of the stunned boy as she kicked him in the shin.

    The other boys slowly stalked up to her, forming a circle around her. I can't take them all at once!

    I'll help. The thought had came so simple and easy, as if it had been laying there, waiting for someone to pick it up. She felt energy rise in her legs and arms.

    Cloudy's eyes narrowed as a sudden, bright light blasted out from the weak hawk behind the boys.

    All of the teenagers turned to stare in awe at the hawk as it suddenly turned into a large, size of a car, brown hawk with purple eyes like herself.

    Tag battle. Cloudy suddenly felt herself think. She thought she even saw the hawk nod as she lifted off into the air, letting out a long battle cry.

    Cloudy used this as her chance. She swept to the boy closet to her, punching him square in the jaw and kicking at his right shin. He pulled his right leg into his clasp as he held onto it, screaming insults at her.

    The brown hawk had swept down at two of the teenagers, leaving two for her. She watched in amazement as the hawk knocked out the two boys, but didn't leave a mark or a scar to signal her pressance.

    Cloudy raced at one boy, feeling the hawk swoop down beside her. Cloudy thought even though she was running and the hawk was flying, they were in pace and harmony with each other.

    One didn't move faster than the other, and one didn't move slower.

    They both knocked out the two boys with ease. Cloudy swept her palm against her jaw, cleaning off the sweat that had begun to gather.

    The hawk glowed once more, as the light grew small as a small, once again delicate hawk flapped her wings slowly as she glided up to her shoulder.

    "Thank you." The white hawk had opened her beak and spoke out, in her launguage.

    "How can you talk?" Cloudy asked, completely dumbfound by the hawk.

    "I can't talk to anyone else. You and I linked, we are." The hawk cooed, flapping her wings as if to rid herself of the air tucked within her wings closed against her sides.


    "Yes. As if we were two diffent pieces that were lost, and than found and put together." She explained.

    "I see." Cloudy nodded slightly, as if now understanding it.

    "You are have powers to see the destiny. I sense it within your aura."

    Aura? Cloudy thought, blinking once.

    Yes, Aura.

    Cloudy had been startled by the hawk reaching into her thoughts.

    Do not be startled. You can reach into my thoughts also.

    Cloudy stared at the hawk. The memory suddenly began to fade, sucked into a long tunnel of darkness.

    Cloudy! Cloudy! Behind you! Swift had thought suddenly, crying out as if to wake the girl from her dream.

    Cloudy looked behind. The three of them were following. They weren't flying, but running on air.

    The chase was on.