• "Wake up you lazy bum"!!, said a pleasant, but unfamiliar voice that Dhark heard. He immediately opens his eyes to see a girl with brown hair, and gleaming blue eyes that would hypnotize a spectator starting a conversation. "W-where am I", asked Dhark dazed and confused,"and wheres the guy in the cloak?" The girl thought for a minute and sat on a couch,"You must mean our leader, Fox." Dhark sat up from the bed this "Fox" must have put him, but to his suprise he looked down at his wound to see it patched up and tubes coming from it. "W-what is all this stuff for, and what do you and the Fox want from me?" Dhark said angry now. The girl smiled and said,"All we want is your cooperation, Dhark." Dhark jumped a little at her saying his name, but asked, "H-how do you......know my name?" The girl stood up and pulled something out her green coat, "Your goggles, duh". Dhark snatched his goggles away and tied them around his head, he was embarassed now, and a bit pissed off.
    The door flung open and a oh I dont know 14 year old boy stepped through the door yelling, "Hey you get him up ye-", he stopped in the middle of his sentence when he saw Dhark awake, "Oh, sup sleepin beauty?" Dhark jumped a little at his new status and thinking, "Oh great a nickname." The boy was dressed in a yellow shirt with black stripes through it and some cargo shorts. "So, has she told you about what we're actually doing......uh-", the boy obviously didn't know his name, but at least he didn't steal one of his things. Dhark sighed and said, "Dhark Remarcus, not "goggles" or "sleeping beauty",...got it." The boy laughed a little and leaned against a wall, "Yeah i got,...goggles." The girl peeped up after a while and said,"Oh yeah, you dont know our names, im Maddie, and thats Will", the girl stuck out her hand for a handshake, but Dhark just layed back down.
    "Anyway, whats all the tubes for, I mean I can see some blood in them,......is it mine", Dhark said lazely. "Kind of, but it's also some of Fox's", Maddie said calmly as if preparing for something. Dhark went silent for a moment and then jumped up yelling,"WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING!!! WHY DID YOU PUT SOME OF THAT JERK'S BLOOD IN ME,.....WELL!!!" Maddie giggled a little and Will made a small laugh at him, now this really pushed Dhark's buttoms, he hated when people laughed at him. Will looked up at Dhark asking, "Whats wrong ......goggles?" Dhark started to growl a little, "WHAT DID I JUST TELL YOU,.... I SAID I WAS DHARK,DAMMIT!!!!! IM NOT GOGGLES OR SLEEPING BEAUTY, OK!!!!" Will blinked about three times and said, "Whatever you say." Maddie giggled at the two fools bickering about some stupid remarkes and laughter.
    Dhark shifted his gaze to the tubes from his body and saw no more blood in them, he pulled them close and felt a sharp jolt of something,..not pain, or anything just .... something he never felt in his life. "Ah lookes like our new allie finally of pure blood eh Fox." Suddenly the cloaked man appeared out of nowhere. "Yes, .... our destroyer of time", the Fox said. "D-d-destroyer of time?", Dhark thought before he passed out. Maddie and Will walked up to him and stared at him, but the Fox soon said, "Dont worry, he will survive .... it's his destiny". "Yessir", saluted Maddie and Will.