• Seth and Tyler sat down in thier normal seats on the bus. Over the summer the kids that once looked childish and normal, had advanced into teenagers. Seth's mop of short, dirty brown curls had gotten deeper and longer. His voice had deffinatly gotten deeper. His brown eyes had a sudden black tint to them, and his clothes.... well, some things never change. He wore a grey and black jacket that was just slightly too big, and shorts that almost reached is ankles. he smiled as Renna and Grace entered the bus. Tyler whistled. They had advanced in some ways as well as others. Seth pushed him off the seat and he walked to sit next to Grace. Renna sat next to Seth. These four had been friends since pre-k, and they planned to make it last forever. Renna wore a black, strapless t-shirt that had the Joker on it, and jeans that were slightly tighter than any other girl's were that day.
    "Hey." Seth smiled and moved his backpack so she could sit down. From what everyone on the bus could tell, Renna was also wearing a black sports bra.
    "Hey. Have a good summer?" Renna smiled back, tucking a strand of straight, golden brown hair behind her ear. During the summer it had grown down to her elbow; a lot longer than before.
    "Yeah. You?" Seth nodded torward the scar on her arm.
    "Oh. Haha, yeah. I decided to ride my dirt bike, and I fell off. Just my luck, I landed on that old pipe line and had to get twelve stitches." she traced the line on her right arm carefully.

    They arrived at River Side High just five minutes later. You see, Seth and Renna secretly liked each other. How they were both clueless about the other, Tyler and Grace had no idea.....