• Between Signs
    by: Serena Sykes

    Sonny's ave.

    Where they live is prettier than a large bush of purple and pink and red and all the beautiful colors of flowers pilled on top of each other one by one, and look by look. Gazing in beauty as they fall towards the concrete until fall comes and washes them away and turns them into browns and hazel oranges.
    It is more prettier then seeing a mermaid or fairy flying around or swimming around, curious about our world as we are curious about theres.
    There is only one place in the whole world that is like that, and it is called, Sonny's town.
    With a population of 967 people, it is a quiet little spot and has very little tourist.
    But are story is in the spot right in the middle of Sonny's town, it is called, Sonny's ave. where there is a little road filled with children's laughter, love, friendship of all sorts, animals, and monthly neighbors chatting over a BBQ with others.
    One of the families that live there is a normal family called the brookes. Theres Lisa brookes, and Walter brookes who are happily married with two children named
    Anna brookes who is 9 years old and there son David brookes who is 17 years old.
    They live in 2050 Sonny's ave. And have ben living there for over 3 years.
    "Bye my baby" Lisa said as she kissed her husband a large kiss.
    "Bye kids, ill be back at 5:30" Walter said as he stepped in his car and turned the engine on. He buckled his seat belt on and drove off. As soon as that happend, a school bus appeared out of the corner and stopped right in front of there house.
    "Bye David bye Anna"
    Anna and David raced to the bus and hopped on. They finally got in the bus and chose there seats. Anna was by her bff charlote and David was by no one.
    David has allot of friends its just they all drive there cars to school.
    Suddenly David turned his head. He looked out the window and saw a girl getting out of her car with her family.
    "They must be moving here" David said as he glanced at the truck with a big "easy movers" sign painted on the side.
    The bus started to move. Suddenly the father (guessing) ran to the window of the bus driver. He must of told him that his daughter was using this bus to go to school because the bus emedeitly stopped.
    She hopped on and walked towards David who was confused as it was. She looked around and then at the empty seat next to David.
    She grabbed her bag and took it off her shoulder and sat down next to him.
    She leaned over David to look out the window. David was all into this and he let her hair tickle his arm as she leaned closer to the window.
    "Is that your dad" He asked as he releized she was staring at the man that stopped the bus.
    She looked back at him "Ya it is." she looked back at the window.
    "Are you moving here?"
    She kept looking at her dad but still responded. "Ya, were here permanently here because my dad got a new job."
    She seamed like she was annoyed but she actually liked talking to him.
    "Oh, what is he?"
    The bus started to move again, this time no one was stopping it.
    She stopped leaning on him and sat down. "Well I really don't care much but he works with the mayor."
    There was a moment of silence between them. They ignored the laughter and shouting of the kids in the bus. It was like it was just them in the whole bus. They just stared at each others eyes. Davids were the color of spring, green with a bit of brown to them. But the girls was like fall, Brown and orange.
    "I never got your name" David finally said, still not braking the moment of silence between them.
    "Its amber" She said still gazing in his eyes. "Yours?"
    "David" He said.
    Suddenly the screeching that the brakes made on the bus cut the moment, and they were both back in the noise.
    Everyone got out of the bus and trailed off into the school.
    "You mind showing me around?"
    "Sure are you an senior?" David asked
    "No im in 8th grade" She said "Im 14"
    For a second he was ashamed hanging out with a 14 year old, but then he looked at her face.
    She was cracking up.
    "What is so funny" He asked.
    "You" she said as she laughed harder.
    "And why"
    "You..." She said taking a breath "you actually thought I was an 8th grader"
    He finally realized the joke and they both laughed there head off.
    The bell started ringing and they stopped laughing and walked towards there class.

    That day the found out they both have lockers only 2 lockers away from each other.
    They had the same classes except for history together. And they ate at the same time at the same table. They laughed there head off and had fun.
    They went home together and hung out all after school. They were like a match made in heaven.

    Chapter 2
    The decision

    The next day was like the same.
    At lunch they sat by each other. With all the peoples loudness they just found ways to block them out.
    "Is David dating someone?" Said Frances one of the meanest bully's in the school.
    "No were just really good friends" Said Amber
    "I didn't ask for your stupid answer." He said as he pulled David out of his chair, spilling all of his food on the floor.
    "Put him down" Amber screamed as she jumped from her chair only focusing on Frances and David.
    "And what are you gonna do about it" Said Frances as he pushed David towards Amber.
    "Come on lets just go" David said as he limped.
    "Fine" Amber said slowly turning around.
    All the kids were staring at the fight. Even the teachers.
    "Thats right, there is nothing you can do you Andy" He said as he turned to his friends to laugh.
    Suddenly Amber turned around and gave a hard hit to his nose.
    "Mine name is Amber, NOT Andy, remember that"
    Amber turned around as a loud bang echoed over the whole cafeteria. All the kids watching the fight started cheering, but the teachers finally came in the circle formed around us and picked Frances and pulled me to the princables office. As David limped behind.

    "Why did you hit him" princable Franklin said as he leaned back in his rolling chair, puting his hands on the desk folded as if he were disapionted in Amber.
    She looked at him. Then squashed around in her chair for a while. Amber hated the chair. It only had a thin layer of cousion on it and there were no arm rests.
    She liked chairs with arm rests.
    "He pushed David and I help defend himself sence David couldn't because he was almost fully on the floor with a close to twisted ankle!"
    "Alright no need to get defencive, sit back down and I'll call your parents." He said. He reached for the phone when the nurse came in.
    "Well apparently this mr.frances says he broke his bone when looking at his ex-rayz he only broke a pimple on his nose but it is bruised up, should I give him a pass to skip class tomarrow?"
    "Eww thats grows" Said Amber and David.
    "Yes it is pretty gross but don't over react like first graders, any ways no he's probably just saying that to get out of class so tell him he'll be fine and send him back to his class.
    She nodded and walked out the door.
    "As for you too go home now and you talk to your parents about this and make them right a note saying what you told them!!"
    "Sure thang" Amber said as she rushed out the door.
    "Hey David?"
    David turned around "Ya"
    "You guy's sure make a cute couple" Said the princable
    "Oh....Wait...No were not dating were just really close friends" He said hesitating.
    "You guys just met today"
    David looked at him. "Well I wish I could stay and chat but I have to go see you tomarrow, huh some homework i need to catch up on!!""
    David said as he rushed out the door. Amazed his princable would ask that!!