• Chapter one Why am I always getting in trouble?! Amber thought, running through the streets just to get to school. "Ari should be late also after helping me clean up my uncle's shop." She muttered, finally dashing through the gate and up the front steps of the school.
    When I get my hands on her, she is going to die! Ari thought, making a mad dash for the classroom. "I made it! And right before that pain in the butt Amber." She cried triumphily, until she walked into the door. "Hey, what's the big idea?" Ari shouted, glancing inside. Sure enough, Amber stood on the other side of the door, grinning like a cheshire cat. "YOU! You 're the reason I'm late in the first place! Open the door, NOW!" She screamed the last part, tugging on the door knob. Amber stuck her tounge out and opened the door, letting her friend fall to the ground. "You should have said please." She leaned against the door, trying to look cool. "And you should stop flirting with all the guys in the school." Ari muttered, dusting off her jeans. "You're a pain." Amber glared at her and sighed. "True, but some of them are good looking, you have to admit that." She gazed over at one of the corners, waving to the football team. They waved back at her, then went on talking about practice. "You see. Even the football team likes me." Ari glared at her, then sat down at her desk. "Teacher will be here any minute. Better get in your seat." Amber nodded in agreement, then took her seat next to Ari.
    After school.....
    "Thanks for helping us clean the place out. My uncle was a bit of a pack rat." Amber and Ari headed down to the basement of the shop that once held many happy memories. "Your uncle was pretty cool. Too bad he kicked the bucket alittle to early." Ari muttered, picking up a box of china and placing it near the stairs. "So, He left this place to you and your brother? What about your aunt?" She shuddered at what her aunt got. "She got the estate, along with the summer house by the lake. It's okay though; My uncle promised us the store." Amber sighed, then picked up another box of china. "He sure liked antiques." Ari wrinkled her nose at the cobwebs that hung on the shelves. "Yeah, but he wasn't very good with keeping them clean." She sighed again. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Ari screamed, jumping onto a chair. "What is it? What's going on?" Ambers' brother, Jake, rushed down the stairs. "It's a rat! That's what's going on!" Ari shouted, biting her lip in fear. Amber had backed up against the wall. "It doesn't look like a rat. Maybe it's the rabbit he used to have. Remember?" Amber nodded. In the light it looked more like a rabbit than a rat; It was dark brown and fluffy. Like tha one their uncle had before he died. Jake leaned down and petted it. "See? No harm." He dusted himself off and walked up the stairs to the front. "He's so cute. I wonder why I've never seen him before." Amber muttered, scratching the rabbits' left ear. "I like bunnies. I can't believe I mistakened him for a rat." Ari muttered, rubbing the rabbits' belly. "Well, we still have work to do. Come on, we can play with him later." Amber pulled her friend to her feet, then walked up the stairs to the front of the store. Little did they know, that rabbit watched them closely. Then with a small 'hmph', he disappeared into the darkness.