• In the dark shadows, I could see his turquoise eyes glimmering in the moonlight, his expression wavering and lips quivering as he bent down for a drink. He lapped up the water, collected in his cupped hands. A snap erupted in the surrounding woods, disturbing him slightly. He looked around warily, before kneeling to sip more water. I watched him from above in the trees, carefully, for I couldn’t bear if he found I was chosen to kill him. It was agony to be chosen to kill someone I had been friends with when I was young. Let me introduce myself, I am Ravenna Ceil, the infamous decent of Tarrin Ceil, a night hunter. My mother, Raven the III sent me here on my first mission, to slay Mario Knife; a vampire that has terrorized our clan for 3 decades. My job was to trail him back to his home, and kill almost everyone there.

    He seemed to glance at me, but I had turned away, and blushed slightly and looked back to where he was standing. He sniffed the air cautiously and ran like a madman through the trees. I ran too, trying to keep up, but also tried not to make a sound as I hurried after the blurred form. He stopped in a clearing, and I almost fell out of the tree in surprise as he yelled above a mere whisper: “Come out! I know you are in the trees!” I scurried down the rotten tree I was perched in, and skidded to a halt as he stood their in the clearing with no act of surprise on his sullen face. He had such a unique figure as I surveyed him in fascination. He smiled as I stopped to stare into his eyes. They were turquoise, with a wavy, mouthwatering effect that seemed to take place when she had stared at his transfixing eyes. His hair, had curled at the edge of his forehead, and his skin was a gold tan tone. His slender body had a few muscle and he wore, not robes but torn snake skin pants with black serpent designs, and had a brass plate that covered his glowing chest. It had two rubies in the eye holes of a silver dragon, and two emerald ones in the crisscrossing one.
    He was spellbinding.