• Chapter 1-
    Just Married.

    Leila Porter woke up in a different hotel room that when she checked in she knew she was in the same hotel as the room had the same design. When she put her glasses on she stared at her hand and remembered what she had done she looked at the empty part of the bed and wondered where her husband was. She was no longer Leila Porter she was Leila Kingston. She had only come to Las Vegas to write an article on the technology at the innovations convention for the magazine she worked for called: Gadgets Galore. She was the top journalist for the magazine. She also was a part of the BBC's Click, she reported for them on a monthly basis. He then walked in disrupting her train of thought and there he was Nathan Kingston, His red hair flopping around his head he was wearing a t-shirt and jeans- very casual for a man of his position as head of his company that was selling more computers that any in the world, they met at the convention as he was announcing a new palmtop computer.
    “So what do you want to do today Lei'?” he asked
    “Spend the day in this room and well y'know.” She replied
    He blushed and she laughed. He walked over to her and sat on the bed. It wasn't until dinnertime that they surfaced.
    “I am hungry honey.” Leila said
    “So where do you want to do for dinner tonight?” he asked
    Leila sighed puzzlingly. Nathan smiled as he though her expression was cute and kissed her for it.
    “What was that for?” she asked
    “For looking so cute.” He replied causing Leila to go bright red.
    Leila finally decided where they should go, and dressed in her white dress she had brought in case she had to go out for a nice dinner. Nathan had just thrown his t-shirt on with a black pair of trousers and a suit jacket. He was a polite gentleman as he opened the door of the room for her. He sat her down as a proper gentleman should, sitting himself when he was confident she was comfortable. She ordered of the menu, a nice sized portion of food and he had what he wanted. They looked each other in the eyes, and blushed as they remembered that they were best friends and now lovers.
    “Yesterday was a bit spontaneous wasn't it?” Nathan asked
    “Yes, but it was the best day of my life.” Leila replied
    They were referring to how he asked her to marry him then and there they had both come to Las Vegas as two separate people and leaving as a husband and wife. Nathan had confessed that he had been in love with Leila since they were sixteen years old, to which Leila replied that she too was in love with him and then they had eloped in Vegas like a few couples. He had taken her to a jewellery shop and let her pick the rings after the ceremony. So the only ones that knew they were married were the registrar, the jeweller and themselves.
    “So this is our honeymoon?” She asked
    “If you want it to be we could go anywhere you want?” He said
    “I want to be where you are.” she replied
    When they finished their dinner they left for the hotel, they went back to the room and fell asleep. The next morning they went back down to the convention to finish their jobs, when they had a few minutes they had gathered to kiss in secret as they knew that they'd be in the newspapers before you could say gigabytes.
    “So how big is the memory in your new system?” She asked as she had her pen hovering over her notepad.
    “It has at least a 250GB memory.” He said as she had said that she had to do an article on his new palmtop for her job.
    “See ya tonight.” She said as she left to peruse the room, she pulled her mobile phone from out of her pocket and called her office.
    “Hiya Boss I... erm... need some time of for a vacation.” she said
    “Your not pregnant are you?” Her boss asked
    “Not that I know of.” She replied
    “You know that I need to get the article out in ten day's.”
    “Yes I know. It's something has come up and I need to stay here for two months. I can send you this article but then I need time off.”She said irritatedly
    “Okay, you have this time off. But when you get back you must tell me the goss'.” her boss said
    “Bye. I will I promise.”
    Leila put her phone in her bag, her boss Selena was also her best friend. Selena was the editor. Leila had no interest in being an editor or a director she enjoyed being a journalist. Nathan appeared behind her.
    “Hello lover.” He whispered.
    “Hello.” She replied “I have two months off so we could have a long honeymoon.”
    “That sounds wonderful. I can easily get two months off.” He said “Miss you already” he said as he walked away.
    Leila left the convention and went to a chemists and bought a few tests, and then went back to their room. She hid the tests in her suitcase, and then went to take a long bath. Nathan had gotten back a few hours later to see her sat on the floor drying her hair and was wrapped in a bath sheet that had the initials of the hotel embroidered in the corner.
    “Y'know we do have a dressing table?” He said
    “I know but I always do this. But you have to accept my flaws husband. I want a pizza.” She said
    He smiled as he took the hand towel from her and lifted her from off the ground and threw her on the bed and left for the phone. He dialled reception and asked for room service.
    “Hello can I have a Pizza...”
    “With pepperoni and Sweetcorn.” Leila said from the bathroom
    “With Pepperoni and Sweetcorn. With a selection of drinks and two slices of strawberry cheesecake for room 2216.” He said
    “Of course sir.” the voice from the phone said
    He put the phone down and turned around expecting to see his bride still sat there on the huge bed but she wasn't there. She came out of the bathroom dressed in a nightie and dressing gown looking beautiful. She pulled out her laptop and sat on the bed and typed her article.
    “I need to get this written.” she said as she looked over the rims of her glasses she looked back at her laptop with her bright blue eyes.
    “The innovations convention, Las Vegas. By Leila Kingston no Leila Porter.” she thought as she typed she deleted the name Kingston and replace it with her maiden name, she decided to change her name to her husbands name as she always said she would. She was resisting the temptation to update her facebook status to say married and to change her name on it. But they decided that they would when they got back to England. They also decided to visit their families in Torquay as they wanted them to be the first to know. The food has arrived when she was half way through the article. Nathan opened the door and took the food and paid the waiter/room service attendant. He closed the door and just watched his wife as she typed she stuck her tongue out as she
    was concentrating.
    “Finished.” she said a few moments later and joined Nathan on the rug and ate her dinner. He handed her a can of coca cola when he asked what she wanted to drink. He looked in awe as she actually ate unlike the last girl he went out with who just picked at the food and only ate one lettuce leaf. But he wasn't going to tell her that. Leila was determined that she wasn't going to drop her toppings on her most delicate nighties.
    “I know this isn't one of the fancy dates you must have had but this is what I like a nice night in with a good pizza and a movie or TV show.” She said
    “No I like it too.” he replied
    There was only one slice left and it looked like they were going to argue over who would eat it. They decided to share it. After they finished Leila e-mailed her article to her boss and they then ate their desert of strawberry cheesecake.
    In the next morning they discovered the had rolled in and met each other in the middle of the bed. Nathan was at least a few inches taller her was 5 foot 9 inches while she was 5'' 7'. He kissed her as she tried to figure out what was going on, she couldn't see as she hasn't but her glasses on.
    “Well good morning.” She said
    “Morning.” he replied
    They dressed and went in to town, Nathan was going to get her a present as it was her birthday. He decided to get her a beautiful necklace. She had went to get some new clothes leaving him to get the necklace.
    “I need a nice necklace.” he said to the jeweller
    “Of course is it for anyone special?” the jeweller asked
    “It's...erm... for a friend of mine, he sent me to get it for his wife.”
    “We do do engraving.”
    “That's nice.” he said as he went to look at the jewellery
    He saw all of the necklaces, he decided to get her a small pendant as he knew she could wear it all of the time, when he decided on the one he paid for it and left. He bought a birthday card from a shop, it was handmade or that's what he was told he wrote it on the counter as he paid for it. He met back up with Leila where he handed her the envelope and small box. He went and ordered them a drink, he saw her smile.
    “You remembered my birthday.” She said.
    She changed her necklace to put the new one Nathan had just given her on. As she put the old necklace in the box he noticed that it was one he had given her for her sixteenth birthday.