• Prologue
    I stood on the verge of death. I couldn't believe it, I was going to jump off a ledge and into a flaming volcano. I was supposed to be able to survive this. Supposed rang in my head. I looked behind me.
    Duncan, the boy who had given me the stupid idea, stood. His green eyes sparkled in the night, his black hair affected by the intense heat. He looked at me with his cold eyes, the look of hatred, the look he always had on his face. His arms were crossed on his chest.
    Victoria stood beside him, the only girl who could have agreed to him. Her hair was brown, her dazzling gray eyes sparkling in the moon light. She pursed her lips, her pink lips chapped and bleeding. Kevin, her twin had begged her not to go see me jump, he even had begged me not to. He knew something.
    "You can jump anytime now."Victoria said."It takes energy to control magma."
    I looked back at Duncan, and he was somehow controlling the lava. It was impossible to know if he was, he never told anyone his secrets or past life, all we knew was his mother and his name. We didn't even know his last name.
    I sighed, and opened my arms. For a moment, I felt weightlessness, and air. The next, I felt some arms, big and strong. I recognized the hands. They were my father's.