• Prologue (setting)

    It all started at a party. Actually, a war counsel between heavens Archangel Gabriel, and the demons own great king, Hiroto, king of the devils. Many have always wondered about these so called, “War counsels” because it never really was one, it always seemed to be Hiroto bragging to heaven about one thing or another, most said. Others said it was the kings excuse to throw a party.
    This counsel, however, Hiroto was very old in age, and had actually invited heaven to witness the crowning of his son, Katsurou, other wise known as the happy-go-lucky K-sama who preferred the public to call him K-san, against his fathers will. Also against his fathers will, K-san was rumored to be gay, and having a only son to his throne being gay, isn’t good for the Hiroto line. Hiroto claimed that as an “act of good will towards heaven” the archangel Gabriel, his new apprentice Michael, the soon to be archangel, and almost all of heavens angels were at this ”war” counsel to witness K-san’s crowning. For the most part, the expressions at this particular party was a dull, dim one without much interest from either side, except that King Hiroto was thrilled.

    Prologue (story)

    “Oh my!! Simply gorgeous! Don’t you think so Gabriel? My son is simply marvelous this evening!! Look at his face! Have you even seen a more beautiful king than him, excepting myself?” said a cheerfully excited, and a little drunk, Hiroto. “Yes..” replied Gabriel rather wearily and sarcastically, “he’s one of the most beautiful beings in heaven, hell, or earth. By the way, have you met my apprentice Michael and his friend…?” “Aaron, sir.” Michael filled in. Aaron, a young angel a couple of years younger than Michael, was handsome and seemingly had a humorous view on life, compared to Michael and Gabriel, who were both serious and rarely soft spoken.
    “I can talk for myself Gabe, if you don’t mind me calling you that.” Aaron looked to Gabriel for a reply. “…no, I don’t mind too much. Michael, take your friend and feel free to explore our..” Gabriel looked to Hiroto, who had a drunken, enthusiastic glee plastered all over his face. “..host’s party.” After a short pause of amusement, Aaron took off with Michael behind him over to the buffet table.
    “Whoo. For being only 10,000 years old, Gabe is pretty boring. I thought you said he was the awesomest Archangel ever, ya know?” Aaron said as he grabbed a piece of food that looked very much like the head of a small animal. “I wonder what this tastes like…?” Michael grabbed his arm and stopped him from eating it. “Its demon food. Don’t eat it. It’ll kill us or turn us into fallen angels for sure if we do. You know angels aren’t allowed to eat anything that was alive once.” Michael repeated nonchalantly. “Yea yea, you and the rules again. I really wasn’t going to eat it you know. I was just seeing how it felt.” “Riiiight. And you were just trying to water the garden by the gates and managed to soak the gatekeeper instead.” Michael stifled a laugh. “Oh…that WAS an accident you know” insisted Aaron. “You and your white lies.” laughed Michael. “Sounds like someone may have lied…?” said a alluring voice from behind them. “Uh..” both boys said as they turned around to face a beautiful demon around their own age, dressed in a black silk camisole and a sash as dark as the evening sky, with white hair flowing down to about her middle back.
    Both boys were astounded at her beauty. But only Michael was wary. “My name is Misaki, your Michael, the apprentice going to be the new archangel, and your…Aaron? Yes that’s right. Aaron, Michaels friend. Pleasure to meet you.” She smiled pleasantly. Before Michael could say anything, Aaron opened his mouth. “Misaki? That’s a pretty name. it means “beautiful blossom” doesn’t it?” “Yes, of course it does. How good of you to know the meaning! Im impressed Aaron, if I may call you that.” “Oh, of cour-“ Aaron was cut off by Michael’s punch in his side. Michael whispered,” Don’t get too friendly with them. Demons are traitorous, deceiving beings who will kill you if they get the chance. They love dining on angel meat. I’m going to leave you for a few minuets, Gabriel is waving to me.” With that, Michael left Misaki and Aaron cautiously, giving her the “evil eye” before turning to give Gabriel his full attention.
    “Oh, don’t mind him. Archangels, even apprentices of archangels sometimes get cocky and think they know everything. I’m sure you wont try to eat me, will you, eh Misaki?” grinned Aaron. “Would I eat a handsome angel like you? Hm…I don’t think so. Besides, your right. Not ALL demons eat angels. Some are against it you know, and others claim allergies to the meat. Oh, I really should'nt be saying all this.” She smiled shyly and grabbed his hand. Aaron blushed. “i..um…” “Shh…please, would you be my date? Just for tonight. I really don’t want to have to deal with my father, trying to get me to marry K-san over there. At least if I have a date for tonight, ill be spared the embarrassment.” “Oh, so is, uh, “K-san” really gay as they say?” She laughed lightly and tugged on Aaron’s arm. “Common, lets go to the balcony. Its less crowded over there.”

    Michael watched worriedly as Aaron and his new found friend Misaki walked away from the buffet away from his field of vision. He only hoped Aaron was smart enough to not let her take advantage of him. Aaron always had a soft spot for girls anyways, and was known far and wide in heaven that in his previous life he had been a bit of a pervert. That was over 100 years ago though. He sighed. “I want your apprentice to meet my son, Katsurou, Gabriel, if I may.” Exclaimed Hiroto joyously.
    “Of course. We can’t leave our host hanging. Michael, please meet Katsurou.” Katsurou was shorter than Michael, but like Michael had very light blonde hair, almost white. He looked a little more girly than manly, and Michael thought he saw a bit of eye shadow and other make up on his face. Katsurou blushed and looked at Michael timidly as his father introduced him. “Hiroto, may I please talk alone with Michael so that we may not disturb your..uh..” Katsurou looked at Gabriel. “nice chat with the pretty archangel over there?” “Call me FATHER Katsurou dear!! And of COURSE you can talk to your new little friend!! Right gabe?” Hiroto looked a little more than drunk, and looked at Gabriel with a grin that could outshine the sun.
    “Yes Hiro- I mean, FATHER.” Snickered Katsurou as he grabbed Michael by the arm and giggled playfully.
    “First off, M-kun, you don’t mind if I call you that ,right? Anyways, M-kun, don’t call me Katsurou, its such a booooooring name!! It means Victory son. Blech. Call me K-san, like everyone else, please” K-san smilled and hugged Michael. “Ooh!! Your soooo muscular!! Do you work out every day? Is there a swimming pool in heaven? Id LOVE to see you in one. Oh my gawd, M-kun, you’d be so..so…so cute!! I wonder if your –“ “Um excuse me Kats- er, I mean K-san, why are you…uh….well…” Michael looked down at K-sans unnervingly close hand to a sensitive place.
    “Oooh!! M-kun!! Don’t be scared. I LIKE you. Your so cute and muscular and good looking, and eeek!! K-san already loves you M-kunl!!” K-san exclaimed and hugged Michael again, this time landing a kiss on his cheek. “augh!!!!! What are you doing!? Get off of me!!” Michael exclaimed and shoved off Katsurou. “aww, was that M-kun’s fist kiss? Hehe. Im sorry. You were just so cute I had to-“ K-san was cut off by the sudden announcement from the far corner. “The party is coming to a close. The Black Three can not support heaven’s company much longer. Please, all of our guests, heavens hosts, get ready to leave. Thank you for your attendance.” “awh. How disappointing, M-kun! I suppose this means ill get to see you another time then.” K-san smiled and licked Michael’s cheek. “yummy <3” Michael pulled away from K-san quickly and went to find Aaron.

    “I really…um..had a fun time with you tonight Aaron. Im glad you decided to be my date. “ Aaron waved the remark off lightly. “No trouble at all Misaki, I really had fun” he tried to put on his best smile. “you know…” Misaki pulled Aaron closer and looked him in the eyes. “I think I kinda like you..dont you agree?” Aaron gulped. He liked Misaki as well, but he knew it was forbidden to have a bond grow between angel and demon. “are you thinking about the rules, Aaron? Don’t worry about the rules. They wont be found out. Not if we just kiss once and part ways, right?” Aaron thought about that. He nodded and smiled and leaned down to kiss her softly. At that moment, their fates were sealed.

    Michael was horrified. He saw Aaron kiss Misaki, and right then he knew that something terrible was going to happen. He hid until they finished, then ran out onto the balcony, grabbed Aarons arm, and started to drag him off. “woah! Woah! Woah!! Slow down Michael! I can’t keep up with you man! By the way, that was kinda rude to just leave Misaki there without saying bye? Sheesh! Slow down!” Michael turned around and looked at Aaron sadly. Aaron’s blood froze. “Y-you saw?” Michael nodded. “oh, PLEASE Michael, you have to promise not to tell! It was just a little one, honest. Our lips barely even touched!” Aaron whispered frightened. “but its again-“ Michael was cut off by Gabriel. “Michael. Aaron. Its time to go. Come now.” Aaron gave a look that invoked pity towards Michael. After all, Michael thought, Aaron would never see her again. “Alright, I wont tell.” Michael whispered to Aaron. And heaven set off for home.

    years later

    “Aaron, I don’t like the way this is turning out. I’m an Archangel now. I shouldn’t be keeping secrets.” “Shh, I just need to see her just this once.” Aaron whispered with hopeful excitement. “That’s what you always say…” sighed Michael as he set up a invisible barrier so that Misaki could come in from hell to see Aaron. “first she was just an acquaintance, then a friend, then a girl-friend..what’s next, huh Aaron? Your wife?” Aaron smiled “oh common Michael. You know that’s forbidden.” Michael rolled his eyes. “So is everything else you’ve done. Common. What’s taking her so long to get through?” Aaron shrugged.
    “Here she is. She’s coming through right now. Hey Misaki!!” Aaron hugged her then kissed her lightly. “Thank you…Michael. I thought that I’d tell you that K-san is mightily upset about that letter you sent him…” Michael flinched for a moment. “What is that transvestite saying to you?! I thought the king and archangels business was private!!” Misaki giggled, and Aaron barely managed to muffle a laugh. Michael sighed and started to exit the barrier. “Fine, ill give you two some privacy. You’ve got one hour. I can’t afford to hold this barrier much longer than that, or Gabriel will detect it.” Aaron and Misaki smiled. They seemed to be looking more and more like each other each day in the fact that Misaki seemed to be less evil and Aaron seemed to be less pure. Michael cast a worried glance then left.

    Misaki and Aaron hugged passionately. Now that Michael was gone, they had freer speech. “How are you doing?” Aaron asked a little worried. He touched her stomach lightly. She grabbed his hand and stroked it gently. “I’ve been doing alright…nobody knows yet. Its just me and you so far” She smiled. Aaron glanced around worriedly, even though nobody but Michael knew that the two were seeing each other. “Oh Misaki…my wife…I’ve missed you and the little one so much..” He held her briefly. “Aaron, we’ve got to escape heaven and hell somehow. And get to earth. It’s the only way…that we won’t be…” Aaron put his finger to her lips. “Shh. I know. But I don’t know how we’re going to do it. It’s the only way we can all live in peace without anyone finding out…but how?” Misaki thought for a moment.
    “Oh!! The Black Three are planning an attack on heaven. They say heaven’s hosts have grown too cocky up here with their heads in the clouds. “She laughed lightly at the small joke and moved on. “I don’t know when it is, but its bound to be before..” she put her hand on her stomach. “I believe that will work. I promise Misaki, I won’t tell Michael, as much as I should. I haven’t lied yet to him, I just will avoid the subject, ok?” “Yes….ok” They hugged and kissed again.
    Just then Michael burst in. “Misaki!! Get out of here! Hell just launched an attack on heaven and you two can’t be seen together! Run!” THUD. A hole appeared through Michaels left shoulder, and the barrier broke around them. Suddenly, a very energetic cross-dressed K-san appeared. “Oh! My! Gawd!! It’s M-kun!! How long has it been M-kun? Like 400 years at least? It doesn’t matter! Kyahhh!!~~~” K-san jumped on Michael and hugged him. “Oh, goodness M-kun! Where in heaven did you get such an injury?” “From YOU!!” Michael roared and sent K-san flying. “uh oh. M-kun is madddddd. That’s ok though, I still love him” giggled K-san as he hit the ground. “Now, we can play together, Kyahhh!!~~” K-san threw fireball at Michael. “Just for that, I’m going to punish you, Michael-kun!! You don’t throw a lady!”

    Aaron grabbed Misaki and managed to jump away at the next blast. “Psh…like HE’s a lady!!” Despite the danger they were in, Misaki couldn’t help but laugh. “Don’t tell him that though Aaron. He might just cry.” “Well, maybe it wouldn’t hurt for him to realize the truth?” Aaron was looking for a place to hide. But where could he hide Misaki from the presence of Gabriel and the rest of heavens hosts? He hoped that with K-san, and who ever else was in heaven with him attacking, Misaki’s presence and his with hers would be ignored. No such luck. “Hey! Isn’t that Aaron?” “Yea!! And who is he carrying? It looks like a demon!!” “could he have turned on heaven?!” “No way!! I want his head to present in the next holy assembly! That’ll make me more popular for sure!!”
    “s**t!” Aaron cringed slightly as they spotted him. “Misaki, I’m going to get you to the Golden Gates. When I do, run.” “Run where Aaron?! I don’t know where to go!!” He barely managed to dodge a heavenly spear aimed for his head. Aaron set her down at the gate “Go to earth!! It’s the only place you can go!!” “But what about you? I won’t leave you behind!” He took her hands in his and sighed lightly. “Misaki…please. Wait for me. Ill be there.” “Do you promise?” She asked with tears filling her eyes. He wiped them and kissed her. “Go now. I make no promises.” He grinned as he shut the gate behind her. “But I know its gonna take all of heaven’s army to get past me to you!”

    Misaki watched him go. And she regretted it with all of her being. But she knew she had to try to save herself, and her child. She looked over the edge of the clouds of heaven to see the 2 other worlds below. Heaven, Earth, and Hell were in simple layers really. Heaven was the top of the cake, hell the bottom crust, and earth the filling in between the two so they wouldn’t devour each other completely. She would halve to go to the filling of the cake. Earth. Misaki looked back one more time to see Aaron defending the gate with all he had from the other angels, and even a few demons. He was a top target for heaven and hell now that they had been discovered. She knew that every wanted poster in the heavenly and demonic host’s worlds was going to have their names on it with thousands of would-be hunters searching the upper, lower and middle kingdom.
    Misaki took a deep breath and threw herself over the edge of heaven, heading straight for earth. Funny. She thought. Its almost as if I was human again…when I killed myself I threw myself off a cliff.. The decent to earth was slow and foreboding. It seemed to take hours in what was only minutes. Suddenly, her stomach began to swell and she knew she was about to go into labor. “Damnit! Not now!! This is one reason why I hate demon baby’s, they decide when they want to come out and don’t stick to usual schedule!” She quickened her decent by becoming as small as possible, and soon she saw the tops of buildings. Then she saw cars. People. And then she braced herself. BAM CRACK. She hit the sidewalk hard. Luckily, she wasn’t human, or she would’ve been dead, but the sudden hit knocked the wind out of her, and left a giant meteor sized dent in the sidewalk.
    She got up, aware that she was going to soon give birth, and realizing that, unusually, she had lost her power of being invisible to humans. “s**t!! I’ve got to get away! Ill worry about washing these humans memories later!” Misaki ran to get away from the crowds down an alley, and fell over from another sudden swell from her stomach. She couldn’t run anymore. She stopped and got ready for the pain of birthing.

    Michael managed to shake off the angry K-san just in time to escape, and follow Aaron’s presence to the Golden Gates, and was astonished by what he saw there. Demon after demon, and angel after angel all were ignoring one another and attacking Aaron. Michael saw that he could barely stand, let alone fight off demon and angels much longer. Aaron had guts. That’s for sure. Michael watched him from a distance. He looked so….pitiful. Bloodied from every hit and still trying to go on. His left arm looked broken, and he moved with bad limp. Aaron looked over at his friend and gave a sad sort of smile. If Michael helped him now, Michael would be the one paying the price along with him and Misaki. He knew Aaron would never allow that. Michael nodded to Aaron slightly, and simply walked away. His friend had made his own choices. In the end, it would cost him his life, his best friend, and Misaki. And he couldn’t do anything about it.

    Misaki, so much in pain from the birthing, barely managed to pick up the baby she had conceived sat in her own blood wondering if her life as a demon was soon to end and if she would be given a chance to start over again. As a human. But as she looked at the little baby she had given birth to, she wanted only to survive. It was a male, and he held strongly the looks of his father, and a little of his mother. She smiled and held him close wondering what in all the world she had missed her past years. She also wondered about Aaron. “This is…my first time being a mother..” she gasped exhausted. “but..im glad I’m privileged enough to be yours.” Misaki tore off a piece of her dress and wrapped the baby in the torn cloth.
    Suddenly, Gabriel appeared before her. “Misaki.” She looked up fearfully and tried to protect her baby with all that she had, weak as she was. How did Gabriel know her name? Gabriel looked at the baby and sighed sadly. “The father was Aaron, wasn’t it? It is sad…” He looked around the alley as if trying to find an excuse for avoiding the obvious answer. “That child should have NEVER been born. He is an abomination to the high, middle, and bottom kingdoms. He MUST be destroyed.” Misaki stood and glared at the archangel with defiance.
    “Never! I am not giving up this child! Its probably all I have left of Aaron!” Gabriel looked away from her piercing gaze. “So, you’ve felt it too then? Aaron is almost dead. In but a few moments his head will be torn from his shoulders and a lucky demon or angel will proudly bear it to the next assembly for reward.” She looked at her baby and held it close, fighting back the tears she knew were coming. “Misaki. I’m giving you a choice. No one should die like that, angels, humans, or demons alike. Give me the baby, and you can still live.”
    She shook her head and backed a few steps away from Gabriel. “I cannot live with out Aaron. And this child is a part of Aaron. If you take that away from me..” Gabriel reached out his hand with surprising gentleness to her. “I understand. Then you both must be destroyed. Come here Misaki. I will send you both to the abyss. You will no longer have to suffer anymore.” Misaki backed away from Gabriel until she hit a wall. She tried to escape, but her powers hadn’t fully come back from her weakness, and something about Gabriel’s power set her mystified as if she couldn’t do anything, even if she tried.

    Gabriel walked slowly and with a sorrowful purpose towards the baby and his mother, getting ready to send them both into oblivion. “Goodbye, little one, and goodbye Misaki. I only wish there was a better way.” Gabriel reached out to them and started absorbing power into his hand. Misaki held the unusually silent baby and stared. “NOOOOO!” a bloody and badly injured Aaron burst through the deadly beam of light Gabriel had sent out, and in the process half of his body was destroyed.
    “Aaron!” Misaki knelt down to him and sobbed, knowing that with what was left of his life, he had tried to protect them. Misaki glared at Gabriel and became very angry. “You…KILLED him!!” an aura of red and purple shot out from her, and a blinding light appeared, startling and blinding Gabriel for a moment. Apartments, roads, cars, animals, people. They were all obliterated by the deadly blast that came from Misaki’s anger. When Gabriel was able to see again, Misaki, and what was left of Aaron was gone. The baby was left on the ground crying.
    Gabriel sighed. “Even in the end….your mother abandoned you. It would be kinder to put you out of your misery here and now..” he considered the thought. “But an abomination like you needs to know the consequences. I will leave you here to suffer and die of starvation and the weather.” Gabriel turned to leave. Is it wise to just leave him here? It would be better to do the sure thing. “No. I have more important matters to attend to. I’m sure Michael hasn’t cleaned up the mess left behind. Besides, killing leaves a bad taste in my mouth. He thought to himself. And the Half-demon was left alone on the ruins of what was once a prosperous city to die.