• When we got to the camping grounds an HOUR(we got lost) later Mom and Dad started argueing about where to park. Mom wanted to see if there was a parking lot and ask some one but Dad says, "Susan do you see any one out here?? Just park under that tree by the opening."

    Mom gave him a glare before doing so. The tree was like a huge umbrella. It was also strong and healthy.

    After unpacking, putting the tents up, made a fire, and look for water did we finally have Mom's great cooking. She's an awesome cook. One time I signed her up for a cooking contest and she won first place!! It was fun.

    Dad says that it's getting dark so we should go to bed. So we did. Mom and Dad went in their tent, me and Chad went in ours. I carried the lantern in the tent and saw a red sleeping bag and a black one.

    "Well I dont know about you but Im worn out! I could sleep like a baby. Goodnight Bro." And the second his head hit the ground he was out. I guess he wasnt kidding when he said he was worn out.

    "Goodnight Chad." I murmured. Then I layed myself and tried to get some sleep.
    Still cant sleep. I hear the crickets still doing their noise. But there was another noise. A growl. Like from a..........wolf. I started to shiver.Is it really a wolf? Or am I imagining it? Ugh, I cant take it no more. Why me, I thought to myself, why do I have these nightmares and am scared of them becoming true? Why is this happening? What does this all mean? Am I going to die someday? What????

    As I was thinking of all this I see a shadow outside the tent door. My eyes widen in fear. Is it the animal I heard earlier? No....you getting paranoid.

    But then a snout pops throught the zipper of the door. It sniffs. My throat tightens up, and my heart starts to beat furiously. Then the whole head comes through.

    Oh God what a monsterous sight. It had big yellow eyes, stained teeth, its fur night black. It sees me. It snarls.

    Thats when I scream. I try to put up a fight, but it caught me by surprise. I ketp at bay for a while but then it got to me. I really thought I was going to die right then. I was scared. And I dont really know what happened next except that the wolf was on top of me and was chomping to get at my throat, but something was holding it from behind. Maybe Chad. Maybe Dad. I dont know but when it bit my right shoulder I black out from the pain. And before I did I heard it howl a terrifying howl. Then darkness takes over me.....